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Fondle Fruity Hands On Game


Fondle Fruity Hands On Game

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Play This Adult Game For Hands-On Fun!

Feeling a little touchy (in a good way)? Then it’s time to get your Fondle on! The Fondle Fruity Hands On Game lets 2, 3, or 4 players get close, get handsy, and have a wicked good time. Just place the fruit-adorned game mat on your carpeted floor. Pick a pair of colored novelty eyeglasses to mark who is who. Then flick the spinner to see what happens next. Twist into different positions as you all reach for left foot banana, right hand watermelon, and left foot cherries. Land on a color and you’ll all have to touch that color player’s bum, thigh, face, or nipple! If you land on a Fondle, the action heats up. Do a dare, strip off clothes, or whatever the party’s up for!

Key Features
  • Naughty adult game for 2, 3, or 4 players
  • Combines twisty party games with even more sexy fun
  • Pick a color and spin to determine how you all move
  • Try to keep upright as you touch fruit on the game mat
  • Color tiles ask you to touch that player’s bum, thighs, more
  • Hit Fondle and do a dare, lose a piece of clothing, whatever you decide
  • Game includes game mat, double-sided spinner board, eyeglasses in 4 colors

When your right hand is on the avocado, your left foot is on the watermelon, and now you have to touch the green player’s nipple – you’re playing Fondle! This fun new spin on party games takes 2 to 4 very enthusiastic players. And be prepared: you’re going to get very handsy with each other by the end.

To play, pick any pair of the included lens-free novelty eyeglasses – this is your color. Put them on and take turns spinning. Land in the left hand section and on the watermelon? Move your left hand to a watermelon on the game mat. Land on right foot banana? Move your right foot to the banana. It sounds easy, but with two or more players, you’ll be twisting and straining against and around each other to hit those spots.

The Fondle Fruity Hands On Game kicks the adult fun up a notch with color tiles. Land on one of those and it dares you to touch that color player’s bum, thigh, face, or nipple! When you’re also trying to keep your balance, this can cause very sexy (and often hilarious) amounts of body contact.

Land on the Fondle tiles and you get to decide what happens next. Maybe your players want to do dares like kissing the player to the right or talking dirty. Or keep it simple and lose an item of clothing for every Fondle space. For a lighter mood, you can also make dares less adult: get your players to cluck like chickens, do a little dance, or perform the next three moves with their eyes closed. Whatever you all agree to – that’s how it goes!

If you fall over or refuse a touch or dare, you’re out. Last person standing wins! This adults-only game is fun to play in private or at adult parties.

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Fondle Fruity Hands On Game