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Womanizer Wave Pleasure Jet Shower Attachment


Womanizer Wave Pleasure Jet Shower Attachment

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2-in-1: Perfect For Both Showering –– And Clitoral Pleasure!

Come clean! Turn shower time into sensual, satisfying waves of pleasure! This one-of-a-kind, 2-in-1 showerhead & water massager delivers effortless clitoral stimulation –– and cleans you up at the same time! When it's not pleasuring you, it makes a fine conventional showerhead for all your non-self-care needs. The pleasure pioneers at Womanizer have collaborated with Hansgrohe, one of Europe's oldest bathroom fitting experts. The result is a true original –– a sleek, stylish and discreet way to bring these unique clitoral sensations into your routine. Simply switch out your old hand held shower attachment and enjoy one-handed control of 3 different water jets & pressure intensities –– touchless stimulation –– all at the touch of a button. Firm ABS plastic. 10.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide.

Key Features
  • One-of-a-kind, 2-in-1 showerhead & water massager
  • Just switch it out with your old hand held shower attachment
  • Looks & functions like "normal" shower attachment –– with added clitoral jets
  • Touchless stimulation: 3 different water jets & pressure intensities
  • Powder Rain, Pleasure Whirl, Pleasure Jet settings
  • Lightweight, intuitive controls for easy one-handed use
  • Select jet mode button, then use intensity slider
  • Ergonomic shape, saves water, too
  • Powered by water pressure, no batteries
  • Discreet –– no one knows it also works on clits (!)
  • Designed by Womanizer & Hansgrohe Germany, patent pending
  • Firm ABS plastic, 10.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide
  • Easy install, universal fitting, includes user manual & pleasure guide
  • Backed by The Adam & Eve Satisfaction Guarantee

Showering just got sexier –– and more pleasurable than ever before! Womanizer Wave is a true original: a 2-in-1 showerhead & water massager for clitoral stimulation. It's a collaboration between award-winning bathroom fitting experts Hansgrohe (since 1901) and the pleasure pioneers at Womanizer. Here it is: Wave is a top-of-the-line shower head –– and a water-pressure clitoral massager –– the only product of its kind.

3 Water Jet Settings

Here, a variety of water jet settings give you the experience of a luxurious shower –– or a sensual journey towards wild, wet O-gasms. Touchless stimulation with the natural element of water allows you to explore your body in a totally unique way. Experiment back and forth with cool, warm, or even cold water for a variety of sensations.

There are 3 water jet settings. (1) Powder Rain for a refreshing cloudburst and a satisfying classic shower. (2) Pleasure Whirl delivers teasing and surprising water massage to get your warmed up. (3) Pleasure Jet's steady pulsation takes you to Aqua-gasms. Adjust & control each setting easily.

Unique 2-in-1 Function

Once you simply switch out your old handheld shower for Wave, you still have a wonderful, conventional handheld shower wand...except now you also have settings designed to thrill your clitoris with touchless jets of water.

Ergonomic Shape

Wave's shower head is designed for comfortable one-handed control for effortless water massage stimulation.

Intuitive Controls

Enjoy a variety of sensations with 3 different water jets and pressure intensities –– at the touch of a button. And because it's powered by water pressure, there's no batteries to replace or recharge. A user manual and pleasure guide is included to help you get started and set off on your own unique Wave Pleasure Jet journey!

Your Womanizer Wave Pleasure Jet Shower Attachment is lightweight, perfect for one-handed control. There it is, in your shower, and it looks just like any other shower head...except YOU know its H2O-gasmic SECRET. (Share it at your discretion.) 

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Batteries No batteries required
Brand Womanizer, WOW Tech
Colors Silver
Features Waterproof
Length 10.0 inches
Material Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Width 3.00 inches
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The Adam & Eve Guarantee

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Womanizer Wave Pleasure Jet Shower Attachment - Product Shot #1
Womanizer Wave Pleasure Jet Shower Attachment