Mini Vibrators

What are Mini Vibrators

There's nothing "mini" about the orgasms you can achieve with the mini vibrators available at Adam & Eve. These smaller vibrators, range from tiny "bullets" that are less than an inch long to versions that are the size of a lipstick or small flashlight, are perfect for travel or for those who want a discreet set of sex toys in their nightstands. Pocket Rockets are another type of mini vibrator; these vibrators incredibly discreet and can be used in many ways. Learn more about Pocket Rocket Mini Vibrators or shop for Rocket Rockets.

One advantage to mini vibrators is that many can be operated with just a single AA battery. That doesn't mean these purring playthings are wimpy, however. Because they are smaller in size, they don't need a lot of juice to produce earth-shattering vibrations that will send you over the edge into ecstasy. Also, because the design of these toys is discreet, you won't be embarrassed if one is accidentally discovered.

Tips for Using Your Mini Vibrator

Now that you know what they are we can talk about using mini vibes. For the best sex toy experience you should always use lube and the same rings true for mini vibrators. At Adam & Eve, we offer a variety of sex lubes, that range from water based, silicone and anal lubes as well as flavored and warming lubes. Once you're all lubed up you can use your mini vibrator in all sorts of places. You can:

  • Lightly tease your clit with it
  • Gently tickle your pussy lips
  • Stimulate the testicles
  • Rub against your nipples

Mini vibrators To keep your toys in tip-top shape, we recommend that you wash them after every single use, each time. Fortunately, our sex toy cleaner makes this an easy chore: just spray it on and wipe it off. And don't forget to clean your toy after you take it out of the package.

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