Sex Education Guide

All About Sex Education

Sex education is more than just the birds and the bees. Modern sex education includes safe sex, the use of condoms with partners for vaginal and anal sex to prevent disease as well condom use with sex toys for safety and easier clean-up. Adam and Eve’s sex education guide also covers topics such as sex during pregnancy, including using sex toys and different positions allowing for more comfortable sex while pregnant.

Speaking of sex positions Adam and Eve covers a variety of sex positions ranging from the simple to the complicated positions for the adventurous lovers. In conjunction to sex positions the guide covers different types of sex furniture and sex props such as the Liberator Wedge.

For the lover who’s looking to learn more about pleasuring their partner our guide has informative articles about the G-spot, p spot and many other ways to delight your partner. So take stock and enjoy a modern sex education compliments Adam and Eve.

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