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Selecting a Love Doll Sex Toy

How do I Select a Love Doll?

Men who are in long-distance relationships or those who have demanding careers that prevent an active social life may enjoy blowing off a little steam with inflatable love dolls. These air-filled sex toy sweeties are here to fulfill your every desire, whenever and wherever you want. Selecting an inflatable love doll is a personal choice, but there are some things to keep in mind before choosing your oxygen-filled lover!


The most affordable inflatable toys are made from vinyl that has been welded together at the seams. This yields a somewhat lifelike feeling as you thrust away. As with most sex toys, you do get what you pay for, so the inexpensive inflatable lovelies are not always the most durable. Fortunately, they're so inexpensive that you can afford a whole harem of them to fill your days and nights with blissful delight. Adam and Eve does offer more expensive love dolls that come equipped with realistic Cyberskin pussy and ass inserts for hours of love doll fun. Many of these models also have a vibrating bulllet for added stimulation.

A Sex Doll for You

At Adam and Eve, our inflatable love dolls come in all shapes and sizes so you can come over and over again. For example, our Private Secretary Doll is just dying for you to show her who's boss! Under her "office casual" blouse and skirt are a tight little pussy and ass just waiting to take your dicktation! For an exotic twist, consider one of the anime love dolls.

If you've always wanted to "be" with an adult star check out our Carmen Luvana or Bree Olson love dolls. These popular adult stars modeled for these beauties and want to you enjoy every minute with them. We also offer specialty dolls that emphasize a woman's assests, like bouncy boobs and bootylicous butts.

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