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Penis Pump Tips - Advice from an Expert

After spending years working with sex toys, no one else knows as much about them as your friends at Adam & Eve. This means we have a huge amount of knowledge to share with you about penis pumps and all other kinds of erotic toys. But it also means that we sometimes take certain things about adult sex toys for granted. That’s why we were all delighted to get an anonymous customer review loaded with tips about using penis pumps. We all found the information so useful that we simply had to share it with you.

•Lube is a must for a good seal, shaving is a must as well. (Be sure that you use a lube compatible with the penis sleeve to avoid damaging it. Water-based lube works with all kinds of penis pump sleeves. Silicone provides a stronger seal, but it won’t work with silicone sleeves.)

•Watch a good adult movie to become erect. Lube your penis after becoming erect and then insert it into the pump.

•Pump until there is a comfortable pressure. After about 10 or 15 minutes, your penis will be a little chubbier, then start gradually increasing pressure.

•If the penis pump sleeve is too long, remove the sleeve and use a sharp knife to cut the sleeve to the desired length. Be sure you don’t cut it too short or a seal will not occur.

•In case your testicles are getting sucked into the cylinder, hold a towel or rag around cylinder with one hand at the base of your testicles to keep them from being pulled inside the penis pump. This leaves your other hand free to pump away.

•Pump for a max of 30 minutes. Good luck friends and be safe. (Please note that using a penis pump for longer periods can cause damage.)

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