Penis Pump FAQ

Every day, we get dozens and dozens of questions from people asking about one adult sex toy or another – and a good number of those questions revolve around penis pumps. Instead of making you search through Adam & Eve’s entire Sexpedia, we decided to create a single page with the answers to the most commonly asked questions about penis pumps.

1. Do penis pumps really make my dick get bigger?
Penis pumps are the only scientific and medically proven method for increasing the size of your penis. Unfortunately, the gains you experience from using a penis pump are short term. You can maintain the increased size for longer by using a cock ring after you’re finished pumping, but eventually your penis will return to its normal size. To permanently boost the size of your cock, you’d have to use a penis pump daily for several months. Most people just don’t have that kind of patience.

2. How do penis pumps work?
Every time you pump, you remove air from the chamber of the penis pump. Eventually, you’ll remove all the air and create a vacuum in the chamber – just like in outer space. The vacuum pulls the blood in your body into your penis. It’s this increased amount of blood that makes your shaft thicker and longer.

3. What kind of penis pump do I need?
That varies based on the individual. As a basic guideline, buy according to your experience level. If you’ve never used a penis pump before, then buy a basic model to see if you like it. If you enjoy it enough, you can always upgrade later. If you enjoy using penis pumps, then buy a more expensive model loaded with the special features you want.

4. Can I get off while using a penis pump?
Penis pumps aren’t designed for masturbation. Theoretically one could use a penis pump for masturbation, but it would be uncomfortable and difficult for you to orgasm. If you want an erotic toy for masturbation, you’ll have much more fun with a pocket pussy or realistic stroker.

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