Caring for Your Lingerie

Laundering Lingerie

Almost all pieces of clothing have care instructions on a small tag inside the garmet. If for some reason the tag is not there (I know I cut most tags out of lingerie because they are itchy) this guide will help you care of your most intimate garments. Most lingerie is delicate and should be treated as such so hand washing is the best thing you can do.

Use luke-warm water since hot water will break down the elastic and shrinks natural fibers. Delicate fabric or specially designed lingerie soap is recommended but you can also use a very mild soap. It’s important that you do not use bleach - it is too harsh for delicate fabircs.

Once the garment is clean, rinse thoroughly with clear water and gently squeeze excess water- please note we say squeeze and not wring. Wringing delicate fabrics will leave the item wrinkled and break down the fibers of the material. After removing excess water smooth the garment and hang or lay it flat to dry.

Dryers and delicates don’t usually get along so it’s a good idea that you don’t toss your lingerie into the dryer. Most lingerie is made of light material so a gentle shake and laying it out flat will do the job.

4 Simple Steps For Cleaning Lingerie

  • 1. Wash in lukewarm water
  • 2. Use delicate fabric wash or mild soap
  • 3. Gently squeeze or shake excess out water
  • 4. Lay flat or hang to dry

Caring for Different Fabric Types

Most materials are machine washable but as mentioned before you should hand wash your lingerie. If you must use the washing machine please use a lingerie wash bag, this will separate the lingerie from the other items being washed. Again, make sure you wash on the delicate cycle with other delicates and using a lingerie or delicate fabric wash. Here is a quick list of how to care for common and not so common lingerie materials.

  • • Cotton – Machine washable, air dry or use a tumble dry setting on an electric dryer as cotton tends to shrink.
  • • Leather - Hand clean with leather care products; be sure to test in an unnoticeable spot. Air dry.
  • • Polyester – Machine washable, air dry.
  • • PVC – Hand wash, warm water and liquid detergent. Clean both sides and rinse with cool water. Hang to dry; inside out first and then the PVC side.
  • • Rayon – Hand wash adn air dry or dry clean.
  • • Silk – Dry Clean - Some silks can be hand washed but when in doubt dry clean.
  • • Sheer – Is full of small openings and can be sheer to semi-sheer.

These simple instructions and hints will help your lingerie have a longer and sexier life.

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