How to Buy Lingerie

Selecting Lingerie

We understand that it can be difficult to purchase sexy lingerie for your partner. What size, what color, what style? These are all questions that plague the novice and even the experienced lingerie buyer. In an effort to eliminate or at least decrease confusion and angst Adam and Eve created this guide to buying lingerie.

Have a Panty Raid!

Do some research, look through the lingerie drawers, find labels and write down what you see. You can get almost all the information you need by doing this. Things to take note of when drawer raiding:

  • 1. Sizes - select a newer garment for correct sizing, you don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing lingerie in the size was versus the size she is.
  • 2. Colors - If everything is pink, pink is probably a good bet.
  • 3. Styles - long, short, gown, corset; these are all clues to what your lover likes.
  • 4. Fabrics - soft and sheer or shiny leather?
  • 5. Comfort - if you find babydolls and chemises your lady may not be into latex, corsets or other binding garments

Special Note: You’re looking for sexy, so avoid any garment that has “control” or “reduce” in the name, on the label or on the tag. Otherwise you won’t have to worry about sex any time soon/

Bra Sizes

There are three factors for the perfect bra fit.

  • 1. Band
  • 2. Cup
  • 3. Straps

The Band: this number is the circumference of the body at the bust (32, 34, 36, 38, 40) you can find this number on the label on most bras and it’ll look like this: 34B.

The Cup: the letter is the cup size (A, B, C etc...) this too you can find on the label but if not think fruit. Yes, you read correctly, fruit.

  • Plum = AA or smaller
  • Lemon = A
  • Orange = B
  • Grapefruit = C
  • Melons = D

Straps: The straps provide support so the width will determine how much is provided. The larger the breast the wider the strap is a good rule of thumb. However, if you’re shopping for a bra that won’t stay on for very long, the straps can be any width.

If you’re unsure of the bra size stick with things labeled S-M-L; nightgowns, chemises and babydolls are a safe bet.

Lingerie for Different Body Types

Women come in different shapes and sizes and thus wear different types of clothing. Here are some different body types and what looks best on them.

  • Pear Shape: smaller on top and bigger on bottom; pears look nice in babydolls, chemises and robes
  • Up-Side Down Pear: wider or bigger on top and thin on the bottom; upside down pears look lovely in bustiers, camisoles and cami sets
  • Hourglass: proportioned equally from top to bottom; hourglasses can wear all styles of lingerie

How to Camouflage Problem Bits:

Women are always super aware of their bodies and like to wear garments that accent their fabulous and play down the not so fabulous. Here are some different body types and what looks best on them.

  • Hips: shop for garments that flow loosely over the hips such as babydolls, chemises and robes
  • Buttocks: look for lingerie that don’t hug or cling to the buttocks such as chemises, long gowns and cami sets
  • Stomach: purchase garments that flow such as babydolls

Lingerie and Personality

Not that you have the basics of size and body type be sure to remember the most important element when selecting any gift for your love bug: personality. If you’ve never seen her wear something more risqué than a babydoll you may want to purchase a crotchless bodystocking. Think about it; is she feminine, sporty, flirty, cozy etc this will help you make the right purchase. Remember, you’re buying for your partner not for yourself. And if she feels beautiful you will both have a beautiful night?

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