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Best Sex Toys for Couples

This is an interesting category because sometimes a good couples toy can also be great for solo fun, too!

Good couples toys and DVDs bring back sharing...

Based on their ratings, here are the 10 Best Sex Toys For Couples available from Adam & Eve.

Couples Silicone Stimulator (item #4788)
Customers agree this is the "perfect stimulator for couples!" Three sex toys in one, a powerful bullet vibe is versatile for use during lovemaking. A removable textured sleeve turns the bullet into an exotic vibrator. Included is a cock ring to keep erections harder, longer –– plus a soft, stimulating clit scrubber that teases with each thrust.

Wicked Blockbuster Pack DVD (item #A201)
Here's some adult viewing on three full-length DVDs, with something you'll both love. He'll enjoy hot performers like Stormy Daniels and Jenna Jameson. She'll love the sexy storylines and drama in Curse Eternal and Conquest –– THE pirate movie that started the swashbuckling craze!

Oral Delight Couples Kit (item #H792)
There's no simpler mood-changer than a kiss. And another. And one more! As your kisses head south, consider adding a battery operated mini-massager with a tongue-shaped attachment! As if that wasn't enough, consider wild cherry-flavored Good Head Gel for tasty blow-jobs! Or Lick Me Licker for going down on m'lady!

Hercules DVD (item #9674)
If you're only looking for a single DVD to share, consider Hercules. Here's what one happy customer had to say: "A masterpiece - This is definitely a couple's entertainment movie. Evan Stone is adorable and Julia is magnificent. This is our all time favorite. While Pirates is a better made film, this one is a definite must see, must own."

Adam & Eve Couple's Enhancer Ring (item #K476)
Customers agree this is "our best vibrating cock ring for couples." He slips on the stretchy rings for balls and shaft, gaining a harder, longer-lasting erection. She enjoys his stiffie plus the vibrations from the removable waterproof bullet vibe. Also works great with the vibe turned off!

The Joy Of Erotic Massage DVD (item #4153)
The power of mutually shared sexual satisfaction is in your hands. Discover basic techniques you can build on, what kind of setting is best and what oils and lotions to use.

Swiss Navy 2-in-1 Enhancement Gel For Couples (item #R906)
Do more than just lubricate your lovin', enhance it with this ingenious and complementary pair of lubes. Enhancement Sex Gel For Him tunes up his performance and makes sex even more enjoyable. Tingle Sex Gel For Her will excite her –– try a dab first on her clitoris and go from there!

Adam & Eve Couple's Orgasm Kit (item #M686)
Besides being such a great value, here's everything you both need to have a little fun –– or a lot of fun! 7 vibrators and sexual aids come together for you in ways we don't have room to describe completely. From delicious clitoral stimulation, to G-Spot orgasms and crazy prostate blast-offs, it's all here. You even get a great book on how to get the most from your sex toys, written with sassy clarity and style by Dr. Sadie Allison. (PS: the clit sensitizer gel and the pheromone lube will be a big hit!)

Hot And Spicy Dice (item #A672)
You can carry these in your pocket or purse for your next weekend get-a-way. Take turns rolling them and get ideas for what to do next! Each roll gives you the unexpected.

Adam & Eve Ultra Inflatable Position Master (item #R680)
Okay, this one's a little extravagant, but if, as a couple, you wished for more variety and comfort in your lovemaking positions –– look no further! This inflatable cushion is wedge-shaped for more versatility and keeps you in place as you go at it. Explore fantasies with ease. Comes with a blindfold for even more sexy fun.

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