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Make sex even more enjoyable with one of our lotions and lubes that are created specifically for an enhanced experience, whether with a partner or alone. We offer a variety of these products for both men and women, ranging from shaving creams to arousal gels to massage oils and more. They ensure that all your needs will be satisfied and that you’ll have the best orgasm of your life. 

Masturbation is even better when you use a cream or love lotion. Reach new peaks of ecstasy while controlling your orgasm with cream that gets more slippery with every stroke. For the ladies, we offer a wide selection of creams and gels that will make your g-spot and clit even more sensitive for powerful orgasms. Use these creams during play time with your partner or when you’re going solo with a toy for added sensation and a climax that’ll send you over the edge. Enriched with vitamins, our creams are as good for moisturizing your skin as they are for getting you off.

Keep your bikini line looking nice and neat with our variety of hygiene products. Our shave cream softens as it prevents bumps and irritation, making for the silkiest, smoothest skin that your lover won’t be able to stop caressing. And don't forget about your girls! Keep your nipples high, tight, and tasty with nipple-enhancing products. Your partner will love licking your nipples, and every other part of you, even more when you dab on a bit of our flavored gel.

Oils are perfect for an erotic massage with your special someone, making for an even slicker experience for you and your lover. With a sensual rub down to start off your night, complete with teasing fingertips and the warming sensation of the oils, you and your partner are sure to enjoy intimate and intense pleasure like never before. Amp up your libido and reach your optimal sexual performance with our stay hard and tightening lotions, as well as desire increasing creams. These specially formulated gels are designed to give electrifying climaxes, ensuring that he stays harder for longer and that she’s tighter, wetter, and warmer than ever before.

Here at Adam & Eve, we want you to love your sex life to the fullest, and it's the little extras like these lotions, creams, and gels that make sex even more enjoyable.