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Flavored Lubes

To make oral sex even more pleasurable, try out a flavored lube. From sweet strawberry to tangy tangerine, our flavored lubes come in a wide range of flavors to titillate your taste buds. These lubes can be used for penetration like other sex lubes, but flavored lubes really shine during oral sex, making for a more enjoyable experience for both partners, whether giving a blowjob or performing cunnilingus. 

Make her clit more sensitive or his erection even harder with flavored lubes that pack a punch. We offer a wide selection of flavored lubes that not only taste good, but feature additional functions as well. These lubricants, gels, and creams help delay orgasms, offer easier anal sex, help him last longer, make her wetter, and so much more. Warming body gels are a great supplement to an erotic massage and can be used anywhere, allowing you to slowly explore your partner’s most erogenous areas. With lube flavors like orange, strawberry, and peach, your lover’s skin will taste simply delicious as you tease, kiss, and lick them to climax.

Deep throat like a porn star with a flavored throat numbing spray or gel. The fresh mint flavor gently relaxes the throat muscles to let you take every inch of him in as you give him the best blow job of his life. For guys who like the reciprocate the favor, dab a bit of arousal gel onto her clit to increase the titillating sensations of your tongue as you drive her wild during oral. You can even use it on her nipples and any other sensitive place for added pleasure.

Like other sex lubes, flavored lubes can be made from a variety of materials, including easy to clean water-based and super slick silicone lubes. Safe to use with condoms for post-oral penetration, whet your appetite with a little fellatio or cunnilingus foreplay.

For oral sex that’s even yummier, our flavored lubes are sure to add excitement and variety to your sex life.