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How to Buy Lingerie: Picking the Right Material

Did you know that lingerie materials can affect everything from your garment feels to how you care for it? Learn more about the different types of lingerie materials and fabrics so you can smart buying decisions. 

How to Clean Lingerie

While you might be used to just throwing your clothes in a laundry machine and walking away, lingerie typically requires a little more careful cleaning. And the nicer a lingerie piece is, the more careful you need to be. This helpful guide will explain everything you need to know about how to clean your lingerie.

Ultimate Sex Toys Guide
Ultimate Sex Toys Guide

Turn your bedroom into an adult playground with some of our best sex toys! Learn everything you need to know about having fun with sex toys with this helpful guide. Discover the best sex toys, how to play with them, how to care for them and other essential facts about sex toys. Just be careful – it's illegal in some states to have this much fun! 

Ultimate Vibrators Guide
Ultimate Vibrators Guide

Finding a good vibrator is a lot like dating - you're sure to go through a few bad apples before stumbling across that special someone. But you can make it a lot easier with this helpful vibrator guide. Learn everything you need to know about vibrators, including how to find the best ones and tips for using them, so your battery-powered stud doesn’t turn into a dud!

Ultimate Anal Toys Guide
Ultimate Anal Toys Guide

Have you ever met someone who acted like they had a stick up their butt? That’s what happens when you use the wrong kind of anal toy. Learn everything you need to know about anal toys, including how to find the best ones and tips about using them, so you can get the right kind of anal toy.

Find out everything you need to know about sex toys, vibrators and all other types of adult items with Adam and Eve’s Product Guides. Start the night out right by buying some new lingerie. Our Lingerie Guides include detailed information about buying lingerie, including sizing, materials, styles and more. There are special tips for guys trying to buy lingerie too!

After getting dressed up, it’s time to get ready. The Lubes Guide features all kinds of helpful information about buying the best lubes for sex and for sex toys. If you’re a beginner, check out the Ultimate Lubes Guide. It’s a great overview about the different types of sex lubes and how to use them. And the Condoms Guide is what you need to make sure you and your partner stay safe during playtime.

Then it’s time for the real fun with the Sex Toy and Vibrator Guides. Start with Sex Toys 101 or Vibrators 101. Both categories are filled with everything beginners need to know about sex toys and vibrators, including how to find the best sex toys and how to get the best deals on vibrators. After learning the basics about sex toys and vibrators, you can check out more detailed information on your favorite types of sex toys. If you're interested in sex toys for couples, you can find helpful guides about sex swings, position aids and strap ons. If you want to learn about men's sex toys, then you can learn all about male masturbators, penis pumps, penis rings and prostate toys. And if you're curious about women's sex toys, there are detailed guides about dildos, ben wa balls, and all types of vibrators including rabbit vibes and wand massagers. You can explore your kinky side too with helpful guides about buying and using anal sex toys and bondage sex toys.

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