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Sex Toy of the Week: Sweet Punishment Kit

When your lover's been bad, they need to be punished. And that's where this kinky bondage kit comes in. Experiment with all the different elements of BDSM while laying down the law.

S&M Sweet Punishment Kinky Bondage Kit

The S&M Sweet Punishment Kit includes several different items, each focusing on a different element of BDSM. The fur-lined handcuffs slip around your wrists for bondage. You can slip the fur off to give the cuffs an edgier look. The XOXO paddle focuses on discipline, allowing you to give your lover a good spanking. The blindfold forces your lover to rely completely on you for sensory play. And then there's a master-servant contract as well to lay out your new responsibilities.

Find out more about the S&M Sweet Punishment Kinky Bondage Kit and order yours today.

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