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Glass Dildos - Will They Break?

Not sure you should trust your glass dildo? When you think of glass, most of us immediately also think fragile. And it’s usually a fair association – at one point in our lives, most people have broken a wine glass, gotten a crack in their windshields, or shattered a delicate ornament by accident.

But not all glass is created equal. Glass dildos are made with crack-resistant, temperature-safe borosilicate glass. This extra-tough glass used to make your favorite glass dildos and glass sex toys is very different from everyday household glass in a few very important ways.

Glass dildos are incredibly temperature safe. Everyday glasses run the risk of breaking under high temperatures (think about the last time a dishwasher’s heat cycle claimed one of your drinking glasses). This is because common glass readily expands and contracts with heat easily. But because borosilicate glass dildos are specially formulated for high and low temperatures, you can enjoy temperature play with confidence. In fact, glass dildos are made with the same material found in high-quality glass bakeware.

Glass dildos are also shock and crack resistant. Knock your glass dildo against a wall, let your glass sex toy roll off the bed – don’t panic! Your glass sex toy is probably fine. Glass dildos are built for endurance and years of energetic use. If you were very determined, you might be able to break your glass dildo by throwing it onto concrete or smashing it with a hammer - but we don’t recommend it.

Need some extra insurance before you’re comfortable playing with glass? The easiest way to tell if your glass dildo is in good working order is simply to inspect it thoroughly before each use. If you spot any chips, cracks, or problems, it’s time to retire that toy. But your glass dildo should be good for years and years of sexy, exciting use.

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