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Forbidden Fruit: June 2014
May 2014  

Forbidden Fruit
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Share Your Sexy Secrets
Sex Position of the Month
A&E's Resident Sex Expert Answers You
Keep Summertime Sex Cool!
Men's Sexual Health: Father's Day Edition
Top 5 Waterproof Vibes for a Splashing Good Time!
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›› Sex Position of the Month: Sex Position

Rocking the Bed
Start with the man lying flat on his back. The woman climbs on top and gently lowers herself down. She can then either use her leg muscles to move up and down or start rocking back and forth to generate motion. This dominant position allows her to control virtually everything from how deep he goes to their pace. She can even change the angle of penetration for better G-Spot stimulation by edging forward or backward. As a bonus, the position frees the hands of both partners. He can use his to stimulate her clit or nipples or even to spank her. She can use her hands to stroke his chest or for support.

My First Sex Toy

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›› A&E's Resident Sex Expert:
Ask Dr. Kat at ask@drkat.com

Positive Points of Prostate Play

Dear Dr. Kat,

My wife is trying to get me into prostate play. She says it's even good for me. I think it's a little gay and I'm not sure I want her messing around with that area. Are there good reasons for me to consider it?


Dear Dylan, 

The short answer is yes! First of all, your wife is right. Prostate stimulation and ejaculation resulting from prostate play can actually lower your risk of prostate cancer. In a large study quoted by WebMD, men who ejaculated most frequently, had…

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›› Keep Summertime Sex Cool! ›› Men's Sexual Health - Father's Day Edition

Summer is upon us, and that means your sex life is about to get (literally!) hotter. But not every summertime romp should require you to wash another set of sweaty sheets. When the mercury rises, here are some ways to keep your game cool.

Before Sunrise Sex - Embrace your love of early rising with some frisky morning sex. Wake up before the sun comes out and take advantage of the cooler pre-dawn air. Once you're both spent, you can hop right into your morning shower together.

Incorporate Cool Temperature Play - Lay down a towel, then grab a tray of ice cubes. Blindfold or just ask your lover to close their eyes, then tease, stroke, and set skin shivering with icy touches. You can also grab…

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Hey dads -- did you know there's a national holiday honoring the fact you had sex? It's called Father's Day! In the interest of keeping your sex health firing on all 8 cylinders (we're going to use BIG Detroit muscle cars for our analogy today), here are some tips that should help.

No Smoking - This includes e-cigs, too. Wean yourself down to as few smokes a day as you can. Smoking can be a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men, compromising the small arteries that your penis relies on to be erect and ready for sex.

Balance The Booze - Who doesn't enjoy a good craft beer, fine bourbon or that perfect wine? Moderation is key since too much alcohol reduces your libido and can make it harder to achieve a decent erection.

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›› Top 5 Waterproof Vibes for a Splashing Good Time!

Nothing says summertime like a big splash - whether you’re hitting the beach or just the neighborhood pool! To help you get into that summertime mood, we came up with a list of our hottest waterproof vibes. These toys will keep buzzing anywhere you go - from the shower to the hot tub!

5. Waterproof Wet Wabbit - We took the top-performing Wascally Wabbit Vibrator and gave him a sleeker, more fashionable look while making him waterproof and stronger than ever. Unlike the old Wascally vibrator, you can take the Wet Wabbit Vibrator anywhere you go - from your bedroom to the shower or pool - without worrying that you’ll ruin it by getting it wet. Stronger than ever for better power and durability, the vibrator's Rotating Tip gyrates in a circle to tease your vagina. Plus, the phallis-shaped design makes penetration and thrusting easier than before. We added more Massaging Beads allowing the vibrator head to roll and rub against your G Spot for more direct stimulation. The Rabbit Ears tickle and tease your clit better than ever thanks to a more powerful motor with stronger vibration.

4. G-Gasm Delight - Experiment with stimulating her G-Spot with this slender and easy to use vibrator! Made of firm plastic for easy guidance, the long shaft enables the user or his partner to hold the toy securely, letting the angled tip to work its magic directly against…

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