August 2020 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

After Hours Iron Woman Workout (continued)

Trainer Joe from Tampa just had to share one of his sexual adventures with us -- or is it just a fantasy set inside his mind? Anyway, how does Joe like his women? Just like his coffee… hot & strong.

-- The Editors

I knew I was in muscle heaven when I landed a job at the Splash Health Club. I'd been working out at Splash for about two months when I saw a notice for a job as an instructor. I applied and got it. I've always found muscular women extremely attractive, and at my new job I'm around them eight hours a day. Plus, I get to work very closely with them, planning their conditioning programs. And by "very closely," I mean closer than I could have ever imagined.

One in particular, Cherie, was built solid. Like. A. Brick. House. She weighed 140 pounds, stood 5' 5" hard and ripped. Her biceps were marvelous. Cherie had won first place for her weight class in several regional women's bodybuilding competitions. She came to me one afternoon and told me about a weightlifting event she was about to enter.

"Joe, I want to add five pounds to my frame. I'm entering the Tampa Area Power Lifting Competition next month and I want to compete in the 145 pound category."

I gave her some dietary advice about the best way to add the weight. Then she told me how frustrating she found the crowds at Splash in the weight room at night.

"I used to come in the morning, but I just started a day job so I can't get here until after 7pm now. It's really a zoo here at night."

"Listen, Cherie, I stay and work out at 10:30 after we've cleared the club each night. If you want to join me until the competition, I could help spot you on the bench press. Besides, it'd be nice to have a bit of company."

"Is that all you want, Joe?" Cherie teased. The glint in her eye was very encouraging

"Is that all you want, Joe?" Cherie teased. The glint in her eye was very encouraging and when she told me she'd see me tomorrow at 10:30, I winked back and gave her a thumbs up.

"Get here around 10:15. It's usually empty by then and we lock the doors at 10:30."

The following evening, Cherie showed up right at 10:15. After changing into her sweats, she joined me in the free weight room. She wanted to work on adding 20 pounds to the bar for the bench press event.

"Why don't you stretch out for a while and I'll get the bar ready," I told her. She looked hot in her black 80's style muscle-cut leotard. Cherie's thighs were solid as granite and her ass looked like it could destroy most of the wimps in this town. I was getting a bit distracted thinking about what Cherie might look like naked, with droplets of sweat dripping off her magnificent breasts.

I decided to make a bold suggestion.

"Have you ever worked out naked, Cherie?"

"Have you ever worked out naked, Cherie?"


"Naked, Cherie. Like in the nude, with no clothes on. In your birthday suit." I cheerfully elaborated.

She laughed. "No, I can't say I've ever tried that before. And I'm not so sure I'd feel safe trying it around a piece of man candy like you, Joe."

"Listen, at the risk of sounding like an asshole, let me just share with you how great it feels to work out in the buff. I've been doing it ever since I started working here and the freedom of muscle movement is…simply put…exhilarating. You also get to open your pores completely as you work up a sweat. Then, when…"

"Ok, ok. Slow down, Joe. Look, I think we both knew we were going to end up hooking up here tonight, but let me finish my work-out first, 'k?"

As Cherie said this, she slipped out of her shoulder straps and removed her leotard. She stood before me dressed only in her white tights. Her tits were just as I'd imagined -- firm and developed -- like the rest of her superb body. She stared directly into my eyes as she wriggled out of her tights.

"Well? Are you going to work out or just jack off?" she chuckled, pointing to the growing bulge in my gym shorts.

"Let's get started on the bench press, Cherie. I want to see how much you can handle." I took my t-shirt off and removed my shorts as Cherie laid herself out on the bench.

"Start me with 260, Joe."

"Start me with 260, Joe."

I glanced down at her spread thighs and gazed in awe at their toned mass as she braced herself for each press. Her trimmed, jet-black pubic bush was sparse and I could see her pussy lips pouting out from between her legs. I couldn't resist giving my straining, hard-as-a-diving-board boner a few discreet tugs.

"That's ten reps," Cherie declared, as she placed the bar back onto the supports. "And…my workout can wait. This can't."

She grabbed my tool and pulled me forward slightly so she could lick the underside of the shaft. As Cherie washed my cock with her tongue, I bowed over her supple body and nestled my face in her crotch. She had a sweet, musty scent mixed in with sweat.

"Suck my clit, Joe. Suck that bean hard," Cherie moaned as she started to tongue my balls roughly and squeeze my ass cheeks to the point of almost bruising. Man, was she strong. Ouch.

I searched out her swole clitoris with my lips and rolled my tongue lovingly around it. Then I slowly sucked a tasty bit of poon flesh into my mouth and nibbled ever-so-lightly on her love button. Her reaction was electric.

"That's hot, Joe. Yes, oh shit, yes. Suck it. Eat me, honey, eat me!"

Cherie loved to talk dirty, which turned me on even more.

By now I've learned Cherie loved to talk dirty, which turned me on even more. I've always believed the best sex is uninhibited, raw, animal-energy rutting and we were going to give each other just that.

As I continued munching on my box lunch, she grabbed my shaft and worked the crown of my prick into her hungry mouth.

Feeling her warm, wet mouth sucking on my rod caused my hips to rotate slowly. The sensations of Cherie's expert tongue felt out-of-this-world. I flexed my own tongue and jabbed it deep into her sopping pussy, drenching my chin with her juice. As we got down to some serious 69 action, this totally aroused iron woman began to play with my butt -- and I liked it.

I was already feeling close to climax and I wanted to get my cock inside her tight box before I came.

"Whoa, Cherie -- please let me fuck you now. Let me fuck you in a way you've never been fucked before."

This was going to be something different. I slowly pulled my throbbing candy stick out of her sucking mouth and stood over her gyrating body, which seemed to beg for pleasure. She reached out for my hard-on and started to jerk it madly, working up a filthy word chant as she pumped my erect penis back-and-forth in her strong, capable hands.

I gently broke from her grip and lifted her lust-crazed form up from the bench. Then I carried her over to the rings hanging from the ceiling inside the room where the gymnasts work out. I set her down gently and told her to finger herself while I made some adjustments to the rings.

Cherie started to masturbate without any hesitation as I lowered the rings to a level about three feet from the floor.

"Come here, Cherie. We're going to have a swinging fuck."

"Come here, Cherie. We're going to have a swinging fuck."

I had stuck my legs through the rings and was gripping the support cables so that my extended dick offered a saddle for her dripping wet vadge.

She stood up quickly and jumped onto my dick, wrapping her strong legs around me, like a cowgirl in mid-air. I could feel my balls squeeze against her stone-hard ass as my dick disappeared inside her pussy.

Cherie embraced my upper chest and our tongues locked together in a passionate kiss as her Kegels started to drive my cock crazy. Didn't see that coming! The motion of our fucking caused the rings to start swinging and I pumped my legs back and forth to get us in sync with the tempo of our frantic humping.

As we moved higher and higher, I grabbed Cherie's ass and pushed her up so that my cock would almost slip from the vise grip of her cunt. Then, as we swung downward, I would drop her back into my lap. We both gasped at the sound of her wet pussy slapping against my crotch.

After nearly 15 minutes of machine-like aerial fucking, Cherie grabbed my hair and pulled my neck backwards.

"That's it Joe, I'm about to come. Yes, baby, swing into me hard. Fuck me, Joe, fuck me."

I had been desperately holding back my own climax for at least five minutes

I was right there with Cherie as she came. I had been desperately holding back my own climax for at least five minutes, anticipating her getting her rocks off. As our orgasms hit, we lost the motion we had set up on the rings. We began to jerk wildly in every direction as her tight twat milked a load from my heavy balls.

After we regained our composure, Cherie finished her workout. I did the same. But then we had another hook-up in the shower area that almost gave me a heart attack. Cherie was the best work-out I'd ever had and we're planning to schedule as many body-building sessions as we can, but only as long as we can have the club entirely to ourselves for the night. No need to get too carried away!

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