Kimono Maxx Large Flare Condoms

Kimono Maxx Large Flare Condoms

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Get More Comfort & Sensitivity For Your Deserving Penis, Big Fella!

20% Thinner –– Enjoy More, Feel More, With Every Thrust!

Sure, you want protection and you need a bigger sized condom –– so why not enjoy your condom experience even more than you do now? Slip on a Kimono Maxx Large Flare Condom and feel more intimate with your partner, thanks to a 20% thinner layer of natural latex. And the flared shape works with you, especially if you need a larger condom, for even more comfort.

  • 20% thinner – the thinnest condoms on the market today
  • Flared shape for more comfort for larger men
  • Larger 54mm base, 190mm long, 54mm wide, 63mm wide at the the head
  • 5X tested, stronger and reliable
  • Made with premium natural latex, a vegan friendly material
  • No parabens, glycerin, spermicide or nitrosamines
  • No displeasing latex smell
  • Lubricated with silicone
  • You get one dozen condoms

Kimono Maxx Large Flare Condoms are recommended for men who need a larger condom and are looking for more comfort and greater intimacy with their partner.



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