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Trojan Ultrafit Freedom Feel 10 Ct.


Trojan Ultrafit Freedom Feel 10 Ct.

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Relaxed Fit For A More Comfortable & Enjoyable Feel!

Liberate yourself from overly tight and artificial feeling condoms! Trojan’s Freedom Feels are specially shaped with a relaxed-fitting tip. This roomier, less-restrictive design gives you the room you need to breathe, to grow & to play! It helps dial up the sensation and pleasure for more fun between the sheets… and anywhere else. These condoms offer the same tested & reliable protection against pregnancy & sexually transmitted infections you expect from Trojan. Pack includes 10 lubricated latex condoms.

Key Features
  • Roomier body for more comfortable feel
  • Less restrictive for uninhibited sensations & play
  • Snug base offers a secure fit
  • Lubricated for immediate use
  • Protects against pregnancy & STIs
  • Made from premium quality latex
  • Electronically tested for reliability

Enjoy trusted and reliable protection plus increased comfort and pleasure with the 10-pack Trojan Ultra Fit Freedom Feel Condoms.

Carefully tear open the package, pinch the reservoir, and unroll the pre-lubed condom down your shaft. The body of the condom features a roomier design for a less restrictive and more comfortable fit. This lets you focus better on the sensations and stimulation of sex, enhancing pleasure for both you and your lover.

The base of the condom is just as snug as ever to keep the condom securely and safely in place.

The Trojan Ultra Fit Freedom Feel Condoms are made from premium quality latex and come pre-lubricated, so you can use them right out of the package. They’re electronically tested for the safe and reliable protection you need against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Brand Trojan
Material Latex
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I609-Trojan UltraFit Freedom Feel 10 Ct
Trojan Ultrafit Freedom Feel 10 Ct.