Between the thrill of getting caught and its taboo aspects, having sex in public is a common fantasy among both men and women. The trick is to find a spot public enough to give you a rush, but not so public that you’ll end up in the back of a cop car. Find out the top 5 places to have sex in public. 

Having Sex Outdoors and in Public

Top 5 Places for Public Sex

Before you have sex in public, you should do a quick little legal research. While public sex might result in a slap on the wrist or a fine in some communities, it could easily lead to serious consequences elsewhere. The thrill of having sex in public might make the risk seem worthwhile… until your mug shot ends up on the local news!

If you’re still determined to have sex in public, you should pick your spot very carefully. Look for somewhere out of the way and deserted to minimize your chances of getting caught. And be sure to have an exit route planned. The last thing you want to do is get busted in an elevator or dressing room and not be able to escape. Here 5 places that we recommend for having sex in public.


If you’re going to have sex in public, your car is a great place to start. There’s even a pretty good chance that you’re already had sex in a car at least a few times before! A car provides a fair amount of privacy, especially if you can find a deserted lover’s lane. All the windows, however, are just what you need to give you a naughty thrill. And if you do get caught, you can always make a fast getaway!


Movie Theaters
This is already a prime make-out spot, so it’s another natural place for having sex in public. There are several crucial tricks you need to know, however, if you don’t some usher shining a flashlight in your face. Go during the middle of the day when there are fewer people around and find an R-rated movie that’s already been in the theaters for a few weeks. Grab a seat near the back to maximize your privacy. Don’t get one in the very last row unless you want to give the person in the projection booth a free show. Wait until about halfway through the movie to get started – this gives plenty of time for anyone else in the audience to get pulled into the story. And be careful with the positions you use. Cowgirl and doggy are a little too obvious, but oral sex should work out great.


The Ocean
When they think about having sex in public, most people instantly imagine themselves rolling around in the sand on a tropical beach with the surf crashing around them. This is actually one of the worst spots for having sex in public. Wet sand will get literally everywhere, and it’s all too easy to get caught. The ocean itself, however, is a prime location. Wade out about chest deep into the water and act like the two of you are just playing around and splashing each other. The natural up and down movement of the waves is the perfect disguise for sex – just make sure that no one else is nearby or watching too closely.


Museums or Libraries
It seems that almost every museum or library has a deserted spot that no one goes. It might be some out-of-the way corner or a section closed off for construction. Either way it’s the ideal spot for having sex in public. Try to time your visit for a weekday when the building isn’t too crowded – just keep an eye out for any tour groups wandering around. The last thing you want to do is give some innocent students an accidental lesson in sex ed!


Hotel Balconies
When it comes to having sex in public, a hotel balcony can be the most rewarding spot you can find. You and your lover are out in the open air, with an amazing view. Be sure to pick a room fairly high up to make it harder for anyone on the street to see you. If you’re a little nervous, it’s best to wait until night for your balcony romp. Seeing the city lights sparkling all around you like jewels can make the experience incredibly romantic.