After performing in hundreds of adult scenes that can last for hours, no one knows more about male endurance and stamina than these guys. And now your favorite male performers are sharing all their secrets for lasting longer during sex so you can perform better in bed!

Male Stars Share How to Last Longer in Bed

No guy wants to be known as a “minute man” in bed. So when your friends at Adam & Eve wanted to know how to last longer in bed, we asked some of our favorite male performers for the secrets behind their success. And here’s what they said:

1. Think About Baseball or Football or Even Soccer
The classic old adage still holds true today. Focusing on something – anything – other than sex serves as a welcome distraction that can help cool off your mental arousal and help you hold together for just a little bit longer. A few decades ago, men used to think about baseball stats. Today, you might reflect on your fantasy football team, a new strategy for your favorite game, or a project you’re doing at work. Logan Pierce confessed to Vice, “If I feel like I’m going to pop too soon, I’ll try and project my mind somewhere else, somewhere unbelievably dull and boring.”

2. Switch Things Up
When Plan A doesn’t work, it helps to have a Plan B. And if Plan A is about to explode in your lover’s face, then switching things up is definitely the smart move. When you alter positions or activities during sex, you essentially dial down your stimulation so you can last a little longer. If one position in particular really gets you worked up, then save that one for last after you’ve fully satisfied your partner. “If you’re getting too close, then change up your positions, angle, and tempo. Make the sex feel totally different.” Ryan Driller admitted to Vice. “If it’s still too much, jump off and start eating her out.”

3. Kegel Work Outs
According to Johnny Goodluck, kegels aren’t just for women. Johnny told Vice, “The secret to being able to hold your load is the endurance of these muscles. If they’re fit, you can keep yourself from ejaculating as long as you need to.” Male Kegels are the same muscles you use during urination. The next time you go, flex your Kegels to stop and start your stream. Once you get used to the sensation, you can work your Kegels without having to go. Strengthening your male Kegels has the bonus benefit of helping your prostate as well.

4. Add Some More Lube
Condoms can help you last longer, but you might not know that lube can too… provided you use enough of it. Ryan Driller told Vice, “Too much lube can work as a buffer and kind of a numbing agent. Not like an actual anesthetic, but kind of like a glove. So that can help to prolong ejaculation.”

5. Work On Your Breathing… And Balls
Borrowing some advice from athletes, Dick Chibbles says it’s important to concentrate on your own body – particularly your breathing. He focuses on the sound of his breathing to the exclusion of all else. The steady in and out leaves him in an almost-meditative state, while the increased oxygen helps maintain his erection at peak performance. He also advises you to yank on your balls. “I find that if I tug them down, kind of stretch them a bit, it resets how much time I have left,” he told Vice. “I know it sounds funny, but hey, try it sometime and you might be surprised to see it works.”