Not every woman is capable of squirting, but you’ll never know if you don’t try! This user-friendly guide contains step-by-step instructions so you can try getting wet and wild for yourself.

How to Squirt

Squirting isn’t nearly as easy as it might seem in the movies. Some women can have sex for years before squirting for the first time, while others will never be able to no matter how hard they try.

Adult star Texas Patti, who appears in mostly German films, admits that she can’t make herself squirt but her husband Patrick can. “During our first time together, Patrick fingered me and suddenly is just started shooting out of me,” Patti told Vice magazine. “I was really embarrassed about the whole thing because my bed was soaking wet.”

Squirting requires a very specific set of requirements, which can make it pretty challenging. You need just the right structure to your Skeen’s Glands. These glands produce fluid during sexual stimulation that you can then squirt out. Your glands need to be larger than average and positioned in just the right place for you to successfully squirt. And even then, you have to stimulate it in just the right way. The best results seem to come from women using a G-Spot vibrator. Here’s how they learned to squirt:

1. Drink Up
You need to be properly hydrated before trying to squirt. Drink several glasses of water a few hours in advance so you’ve got plenty of fluid. Adult movie stars also take electrolyte powders as well to help the process along.

2. Hit the Bathroom
Squirting and peeing are completely separate bodily functions. “Squirt tastes like sugar water,” said adult star Jenna J. Ross in an online interview. “There’s a very distinctive flavor profile difference between urine and squirt.” The problem is that squirting feels very similar to peeing, so women try to hold it in when they should be letting it out. Going in advance empties out your bladder so you can avoid this hang-up.

3. Warm Up
Throw a towel or two over your bed to make clean-up easier. Then, it’s time to get comfortable. The Skene’s Glands need to be aroused if you want to squirt, which means you need to be aroused! Grab your favorite sex toy and start teasing yourself. Aim for a slow and steady build-up instead of quickie. When you get close, you need to slow things down until you cool off some. Repeat this cycle several times until you feel like you’re about to explode.

4. Stimulate the Skeen’s Glands
When you literally can’t take anymore, you’re ready to squirt. Start focusing on your G-Spot, preferably with a G-Spot vibe or a sex position that maximizes your G-Spot stimulation. The G-Spot is located near the Skene’s Glands, so you’re actually stimulating both of them of that same time. Slowly rub your G-Spot with the vibrator, while pressing down firmly on it. If you feel like you’re about to pee, then you know you’re close to squirting. Keep on playing with your G-Spot and then let yourself go.

Squirting superstar Daisy Ducati recommends clit stimulation as well. “I have to have clit stimulation and penetration at the same time.”

“It takes a long build up,” said adult star Amber Chase in an online interview. “You have to make me orgasm several times. And then it’s like gush, gush, gush.”

5. Don’t Be Disappointed
Just because you’ve seen squirting stars go off like a water gun, doesn’t mean your squirting experience will be the same. For some ladies, squirting is like an explosive fountain while others experience more of a trickle. And the trickle is a lot more common.

If you don’t squirt the first time, keep on trying and experimenting with different types of stimulation. There’s no telling what might make you explode!