Shower sex can be a slippery mess if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thankfully, this helpful guide is here to steer you through all those steamy clouds and hot water heaters that run out all too soon for toe-curling (and toe-pruning) sex in the shower.

How to Have Mind-Blowing Shower Sex

Sex in the shower is a common fantasy. But there’s a big gap between dreaming about it and then trying it yourself. There are a lot of potential pitfalls when it comes to shower sex in particular… and not just running out of warm water. If you don't take the proper safety precautions, you could slip and fall. If you're not careful picking your position, you could end up with water streaming down your face and choking you. And if you don't pick the right lube, it will just wash off immediately. This hands-on guide created by Adam & Eve’s sexperts will teach you everything you need to know about having sex in the shower.

couple about to have shower sex
  1. Set the mood. Make sure the entire bathroom is clean. Nothing kills the mood faster than a cluttered sink, overflowing trash, and a ring of soap scum in the shower. A little low lighting, soft-playing music, and a few scented candles can create an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

  2. Make preparations. Before stepping foot in the shower, you’ll need some appropriate gear. First and most important is a silicone-based sex lube. Water washes away the body’s natural lube, and it makes a horrible substitute. Silicone lubes are waterproof so they’ll keep working no matter how wet and wild you get. If you use a condom during sex, put it on before stepping into the shower. Those wrappers are hard to open with slippery hands.

  3. Get clean. Foreplay in the shower takes on a whole new dimension of fun and is one of the best things about shower sex. First, make sure you’re both nice & wet. Then take turns slowly soaping each other’s body – making sure to get all of your lover’s nooks and crannies while paying extra close attention to their naughty bits! You can rub your soapy bodies together, or use sponges or loofahs with different textures for a massage. The Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe is great for this kind of foreplay. (Learn more about it and other waterproof sex toys below.) Remember to take your time. You might be used to fast-paced showers in the morning to make it to work, but here you’ll need to relax and take it nice and slow to fully enjoy the experience.

  4. Get down & dirty. Now that you’re all warmed up, it’s time for some oral fun. Depending on how small your shower is, the easiest thing to do is basically kneel down and put your tongue to work while your partner remains standing. You might need to shuffle around a little to make sure your face isn’t under the streaming water, which can make it hard to breath. If you’ve got a detachable hand shower, you can focus the water directly on the clit for extra stimulation. And you can always include a waterproof vibrator for even more thrills!

  5. Get even dirtier. Now it’s finally time to have sex in the shower! If you’ve got a built-in bench, then cowgirl or reverse cowgirl is the best overall position since you don’t have to worry about slipping. Standing doggy, however, is a close runner up as long as you've got a slip-resistant shower mat. If there’s a grab-bar nearby, then it would help to hold on to that as well. Do not grab the curtain rod unless it’s securely anchored to the wall and can bear your weight. Scroll down to check out our top shower sex positions. Clean up is easy once you’re finished since you’re already in the shower!
  6. Top Shower Sex Toys

    Toys make everything better, even when it comes to shower sex. Here are a few of our favorite couple-friendly waterproof vibes that you can use while getting wet & wild:

    Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe

    Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe, a waterproof vibrator

    This handy toy adds stimulating vibrations to your finger – making every touch feel magical! The curved nub-covered tip focuses directly on your clit or slips inside to work your G-Spot for intense thrills. Play with 10 vibration modes, including multiple speeds and patterns, for a wide range of sensations. The rechargeable bullet can run up to 50 minutes, so you don’t need batteries. And it’s made from long-lasting, body-safe silicone. Check out the Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe.

    Intimate Curves Rechargeable Wand

    Intimate Curves Rechargeable Wand, a waterproof vibrator

    This pretty & petite wand delivers the full-sized power you crave! The soft, flexible head glides across your wet skin as it hugs your curves up top and down below. The deep, rumbling vibrations generate intense pleasure with every touch for toe-curling stimulation. Experiment with 10 vibration speeds and patterns. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. And it's textured for a secure grip, no matter how wet it gets! The fully rechargeable wand runs up to 3 hours. Made from silicone, a body-safe material. Order your Intimate Curves Rechargeable Wand.

    Silicone Rechargeable Rockin' Rabbit Enhancer

    Silicone Rechargeable Rockin' Rabbit Enhancer, a waterproof vibrator

    Introduce your shower and lover to the ultimate sex toy for couples! This penis ring enhances his erection while stimulating his lover at the same time for mind-blowing sex. The snug-fitting rings hug the base of his shaft and his balls - boosting his size and stamina power for more passionate sex. Vibrating bunny ears thrill his partner with 7 intense stimulation modes. Rechargeable vibe runs up to 70 minutes for long-lasting enjoyment. Spice up shower sex with the Silicone Rechargeable Rockin' Rabbit Enhancer.

    Top Shower Sex Positions

    Some positions are better than others when it comes to shower sex. It's important to go with positions that minimize the chances of slipping. Since most showers are significantly smaller than beds, you also need sex positions suitable for confined spaces. Here are some of your best options:

    Heart to Heart

    Heart to Heart, a top shower sex position

    Grow closer than ever to your lover with an intimate sex position that includes lots of skin and eye contact. The man sits down with his legs extended in front of him. The woman straddles him, lowering herself onto his lap while stretching her legs out. They can hold or hug each other for extra support. This position works best for slow and sensual sex. Since you're both sitting down, this position is very safe for shower sex. Just make sure to position the shower head so it's spraying on your bodies and not your faces.

    Standing Doggy

    Standing Doggy, a top shower sex position

    This is probably the first position that most people think of when it comes to shower sex. But that doesn't mean it's the best. Standing Doggy increases your chances of slipping, but there are some things you can do to prevent that. Make sure to put down a towel or slip-resistant shower mat in the bathroom. A grab bar can provide extra support too. She should spread her arms and legs wider than usual, bracing them against the sides of the shower if possible for extra stability. He approaches her from behind, grabbing and holding onto her hips while thrusting away to set the pace. Slow & deep thrusts are safer for shower sex than fast ones.

    Booty Grind

    Booty Grind, a top shower sex position

    If you've got a shower bench or seat, this is the position for you! Start with the guy sitting down on the bench. She should sit down slowly on top of him, guiding him inside her. She then takes control by either riding and grinding for deep penetration or moving up and down for thrusting. This position leaves her more exposed to the warm shower spray than him. This can leave him feeling a little cold, so it's up to her to keep him warm!


    Figurehead, a top shower sex position

    This doggy variant is great for shower sex for it's increased stability. Unfortunately, it's not so great on your knees. Add a soft cushion by rolling up a towel or two before kneeling down. She presses her back against his chest while reaching back to wrap her arms around his torso or neck. The two can then thrust or rock in unison or one at a time to conserve their energy. The increased skin contact also increases feelings of intimacy and can lead to more intense passion.

    Bended Knee

    Bended Knee, a top shower sex position

    Intimacy and passion meet with this kinky shower sex position! Start with you and your partner kneeling down while facing each other. (If this places too much weight on your knees, try using a soft towel as a cushion.) The man lifts one leg up, bending that knee and leaving that foot flat on the floor. The woman lifts her matching leg up and places it on top of his. This keeps your center of gravity low and provides stability to help prevent either of you from slipping. He pulls her close and wraps his arms around her lower back to provide support, while she does the same. Then both of you start gently rocking, falling into a sensual, easy-going rhythm. Angle the shower head so the water sprays both of your bodies.