Spice up your sex life with our fun and kinky Bedroom Challenge! Filled with seven days of naughty fun, this challenge encourages you and your partner to expand your sexual horizons and break out of your old routine.

Get Naughty All Week Long With Our Bedroom Challenge!

Keeping things in the bedroom fun and exciting year after year can be a little difficult. That’s why your friends at Adam & Eve came up with the Get Naughty Bedroom Challenge. This challenge involves a week of frisky fun packed with a variety of sexual activities to help jumpstart your love life and experiment sexually. Let’s get started!

Lingerie Monday
Slip into something lacy with a new piece of sexy lingerie! We’ve got a wide variety of lingerie sets and styles in all sorts of sizes and colors so you’re sure to find something to fit your needs. Look for something that accentuates your best feature – whether that means your breasts, your butt or your legs. We’ve even got lingerie for men to show off their package! If you want something that offers a little concealment, pick from dozens of different baby dolls, chemises and teddies. Or you could go in the other direction and get a cupless and crotchless lingerie to show off your bits at their best!

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Toy Tuesday
Find something you can play with together! We’ve got a ton of sex toys for couples, including penis rings, position aids, sex swings and more. If those aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then you could always just pick up a regular vibrator and have fun using it on your partner or putting on a sexy show for them instead! Toys are a fun and easy way to spice up your relationship, and you can enjoy them by yourself too!

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Roleplay Wednesday
Bring your fantasies to life! Sit down with your partner and find a kinky fantasy that you both share. It might be the classic college student and professor, employee and boss or something even more taboo! Just do your best to commit to the fantasy and see where it takes you!

Tongue Thursday
Tonight’s all about oral sex so get lickin’! Good oral is all about pleasing your partner and doing it with a smile on your face. Start with a few gentle kisses around their inner thighs – moving closer and closer to their bits as you tease them. Pay close attention to their sounds and body language so you know what to focus on. Vary your motions and techniques to keep your partner guessing and make sure they don’t get bored. You can take your oral game to the next level with flavored lubes and specialty toys.

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Bondage Friday
Time to get tied up! Bondage is a fun and kinky way to spice up your sex life. Make sure your partner’s comfortable with your plans beforehand and agree on a safe word just in case. After that, you’re free to restrain their hands behind their back or tie them up to the bed! While you could use ordinary rope, bondage beginners are better off using our padded Velcro restraints. These restraints are more comfortable and less likely to leave embarrassing marks the next morning. And they’re easier to escape from in case of an emergency.

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Outside the Bedroom Saturday
Spicing it up could be as simple as trying a new place. Many couples enjoy having sex in the shower. The warm water naturally relaxes them, while seeing your partner all wet and soapy can be a huge turn on! Of course, there are plenty of other places around the house to have sex. You could bend your partner over a desk in the home office or the dining room table. You could cook up some sexy fun in the kitchen or go for a drive and find a quiet park if you’re feeling really adventurous!

Experiment Sunday
The last day of our bedroom challenge is all about trying something you’ve never done before. That could be anything from a new sex position to group sex or even anal. What matters most is that you discuss things with your partner and agree on something new that you can enjoy together. As long as you keep those lines of communication open and continue to try new things together, you’re sex life is sure to remain awesome for years to come!

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