Inspired by the yoga wheel pose, this oral sex position adds a chair for extra support and stability as you both lick away.

The 69th Street Bridge

Put your tongues to work with this fun twist on an classic sex position!

The 69th Street Bridge Oral Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging sex position for people who want to try something new

Pros & Cons
+ Blood rush intensifies her pleasure
 Not good for long periods of time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex in the yoga wheel pose but don't quite have the strength or flexibility to pull it off? That's where this position comes in! The woman should lie on her back across a chair, planting her feet on the floor while letting her head hang down low. This puts her in a modified wheel pose with the chair adding support. The man stands over her head and then leans forward, supporting himself on the chair with his hands.

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