Cook up some sexy thrills with this sex position made for fun in the kitchen or dining room!

Stirring the Pot

Ideal for couples who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this sex position is great for cooking up some naughty fun while you're waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to get done. 

Stirring the Pot Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+ Simple & easy to do
+ Adds a fun and naughty touch to your relationship
 Greater chance of being interrupted or getting caught

The woman hops on top of a flat surface about waist high such as a kitchen counter or dining room table. She should sit as close to the edge as possible with her legs opened up. He should hold her close while supporting her legs at the same time. He can work his magic, while holding her tight to make sure she doesn't slide across the table. If needed, she can wrap her arm around his neck or body for extra support. This position is great for intimate eye contact, while breaking out of the old bedroom routine. Just keep your eyes open for the oven dinger so dinner doesn't burn!

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