Time for a twist! This fun-filled sex position combines elements of cowgirl with missionary and spooning to spice up your bedroom.

The Roll Over

Don't settle for just one sex position! Try this sex move that combines the best features of cowgirl and spooning instead!

Roll Over Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging sex position for people who want to try something new

Pros & Cons
+ Brings you and your partner close together
+ Partners swap control for increased mental stimulation
 Not recommended for fast-paced action

This sex move is all about the transition. Start with your basic cowgirl position with the woman on top. She should lean forward, pressing herself against her chest while supporting herself with her arms. This increased skin contact is great for intimacy. It also allows her to set the pace and take control. When you're ready, both partners roll over on their sides and extend their legs. This turns the position into a spooning variant that leaves both partners facing each other. This new position continues to include the close skin contact for intimacy, but it allows him to take control from her. Switching power dynamics like this is great for mental stimulation as well as physical. And it can greatly enhance your sex life.

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