Increase her fun as well as his with this intermediate sex position that’s ideal for foot lovers!

Playing Footsy

A modified version of missionary, this sex position requires a woman with flexible legs. It also helps if you like foot play.

Playing Footsy Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging sex position for people who want to try something new

Pros & Cons
+ Provides easy access to her feet
+ Elevates her hips for better stimulation
+ Squeezes her legs together for a tighter feel
Requires some extra flexibility

The woman starts by lying down on her back. She then bends her knees to her chest while squeezing her legs together. The man drops to his knees in front of her, and she rests her feet on his chest. This position helps increase stimulation several ways. First, it puts her feet and toes within easy reach so he can rub her feet or even suck on her toes during sex. Next, it lifts her hips up so he can reach her backdoor and also her G-Spot easier. And squeezing her legs together creates a tighter feel to enhance his pleasure as well as hers.

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