Start your night with a bang! Similar to tribbing, this sex position is great for grinding and teasing each other.  

Winged Swan

This tribbing-like sex position is a fun way to start out your night.

Winged Swan Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging position for people who want to try something different

Pros & Cons
+ Great way to spice up your sex life
 Restricted movement makes it hard to reach the Big O

The fun starts with the male lying flat on his back with his legs spread far apart. The woman lies down between his legs with their hips meeting in the middle to form a straight line. Lifting her legs makes it easier for him to reach her vagina. If she has difficulty holding her legs the entire time, she can rest them on either side of the man's torso. The couple then gyrates their pelvic muscles and rocks their hips. Due to a limited range of motion, the position is best for short, shallow strokes. It makes a fun tease early in the night, but it can make finishing difficult. 

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