Flip head over heels for your partner in this kinky position! Great for G-Spot play and dominance games!


This kinky position is great for domination & submission games as well as G-Spot play! Plus all the blood rushing to her head makes the Big O feel even sweeter!

Piledriver Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Advanced: an extremely challenging sex position that requires significant strength, stamina and flexibility

Pros & Cons
+ Fun & easy way to dominate or submit to your partner
+ Great for G-Spot stimulation
 Difficult to do for long periods of time

Start with the woman lying flat on the floor, preferably with a small object such as a foot stool or ottoman nearby. The woman should raise her legs and hips upward with the man's help. He can then slide the small object up against her back to provide additional support. With the woman's legs sticking up, she can rest one on his shoulder while spreading the other. The man then lowers himself inside her, using his leg muscles to create a thrusting motion while maintaining eye contact. This puts him in total control and allows him to completely dominate her. It also makes it easy for him to adjust the angle of penetration as needed for G-Spot stimulation.

This position can be extremely taxing on both people. For her, it sends blood rushing to her head. The extra blood can leave her feeling light-headed or dizzy, which might make her feel uncomfortable. On the plus side; however, the blood rush can also amplify her pleasure - resulting in more intense and arousing sensations and stronger O's. For men, the position requires extensive use of his leg muscles, which can be challenging over long periods of time even for guys that never skip leg day in the gym.

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