Flip your partner head over heels for euphoric sensations with this advanced sex position ripped from the pages of the original Kama Sutra.

Beauty Inverted

Both partners will need some serious upper body strength to pull off the Beauty Inverted Sex Position. But it’s a great position to show off your wild side while maximizing your pleasure at the same time.

Beauty Inverted Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Advanced: an extremely challenging sex position that requires significant strength, stamina and flexibility

Pros & Cons
+ Enhances her sensations by creating a sense of euphoria
+ Great for deep penetration as well as fast-paced fun
+ Extreme position lets you show off your wild side
Requires significant upper body strength to pull off
Very hard to do for more than a few minutes at a time

The woman squats down and lies her hands flat on the ground, with the man positioned behind her with his back to a wall. The woman leans forward to put her weight on her hands while scooting her legs back around the man. The man gently lifts her hips up as the women “walks” backward up the wall, using it for extra support. She then wraps her legs around his back to pull him in close. This leaves blood rushing to her head, creating a sense of exhilaration to help enhance her pleasure. This advanced sex position is great for wild, passionate sex. It leaves her hips at the perfect angle for fast-paced and deep penetration. But it only works as long as both partners are strong enough to support her weight during some truly intense sex.

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