Requested by one of our readers, this oral sex position is straight from the pages of the Kama Sutra. It’s a great way to test your tongue skills and leave your lover moaning!

Amrachushita & Sangara

This oral sex position actually consists of two separate parts. The first is called Amrachushita (sucking a mango), while the second is known as Sangara (swallowed whole). Combined, they make a fantastic oral experience that would satisfy any guy.

Amrachushita & Sangara Oral Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Advanced: a challenging sex position that requires significant oral abilities

Pros & Cons
+ Mind-blowing oral experience
 Requires intense, powerful suction for long period of time
 Requires ability to deep throat your partner

Start with the man kneeling down on the bed with his legs spread slightly apart. The woman kneels down on the floor in front of him with her hands on his hips or butt. (Make sure to put a pillow down first, especially if you’ve got hard floors.) She opens wide and wraps her lips around the upper half of his shaft. Then she sucks as hard as possible while moving her lips up and down his shaft for Amrachushita.

When he’s about to finish, he taps her shoulders to let her know. She takes his shaft as deep as possible while working it with her lips and tongue until he explodes. She should then swallow it down with a smile for Sangara.

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