A fun sex position that anyone can do, Ringing the Bell is ideal for deep penetration and G-Spot thrills.

Ringing the Bell

Ideal for dominants and subs, this kinky position is sure to ring her bell in more ways than one! It's also a great position for "booty" guys!

Ringing the Bell Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+ Fun both inside and outside the bedroom

+ Easy to reach her G-Spot and great for deep penetration
Can cause muscle cramps after extended periods of time


Start with the woman on her knees with her butt up in the air and her legs closed together. The man approaches her from behind as in doggy style. He can press her head down or leave it alone depending on his urges. This position is great for exploring dominance/submission, just what you need if one of your New Year's resolutions involved a kinkier sex life. The extreme angle of the position also makes it even better than regular doggy for deep penetration and G-Spot play. 

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