Enjoy an adult spin on the classic game with this intermediate sex position.


This fun and exciting sex position is intended more for thrusting than jumping. But don’t let stop you and your lover from hopping all over the bedroom… and everywhere else too!

Leapfrog Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging sex position for people who want to try something new

Pros & Cons
+ Great for couples that like it fast and deep
+ Increases his control during sex
Requires more flexibility and strength than other sex positions
Can be easy for the man to get carried away

The woman kneels down on her hands and knees. The man comes up behind her and grabs her ankles, lifting them up while she supports herself on her hands. The man continues to hold her ankles and legs up during sex. This gives him greater control as he can rock the woman back and forth for deeper penetration at virtually any speed.

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