Based on a popular yoga position, this doggy variant is sure to please you and your lover!

Hissing Cobra

Spice up your love life with this doggy variant. It's easy to do and a whole lot of fun too!

Hissing Cobra Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+ Brings you & your lover closer together
Her arms might get tired after a few minutes

She should lie face down on the bed with her legs spread slightly apart. Supporting herself with her arms, she should carefully lift her upper body while leaving her hips planted on the bed. He should climb on top of her and assume a similar position. This allows him to gently glide into her from behind, making it great for slow and sensual sex, including anal or vaginal.

One of the best things about this position is it's versatility. If she's strong and flexible enough, she can elevate her hips as well as her upper torso. This requires more flexibility and muscle strength, but it also leads to better G-Spot stimulation. He could also try supporting himself with one hand - allowing him to play with her breasts during sex or even pull her hair if she enjoys that.

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