Bent Over is a beginner sex position that works great inside and outside the bedroom.

Bent Over

Whether you’re having sex in the boss’s office or cooking up some dirty fun on the kitchen table, Bent Over is the position for you. This slightly more advanced version of doggy incorporates your surroundings for naughty thrills anywhere you go.

Bent Over Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+ Works great inside and outside the bedroom
+ Can increase your fun even more depending on the object you use
Not nearly as comfortable as your mattress
Can hurt your knees after a while

Start by finding a large, sturdy object that’s about as high as her knees or waist – such as a chair, desk or table. The woman should stand in front of the object and then bend over it with her legs slightly spread. She might need to get down on her knees first if the object isn’t very high. The man then approaches her from behind just like doggy, leaving his hands free to play with her breasts or even give her a spanking. The object gives the woman something to rest on for longer-lasting sex. You might even experience an extra thrill during sex depending on the object – especially if you trade your bedroom for the kitchen table or somewhere even more adventurous like the boss’s desk.

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