This beginner-friendly sex position puts the woman on top so she can take charge while fostering a closer and more nurturing relationship with her partner at the same time.

The Nurturer

This sex position balances control and closeness, allowing the woman on top to build a more intimate and nurturing relationship with her partner.

Nurturer Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic sex position that is fun and easy to do

Pros & Cons
+ Great for increasing intimacy & fostering a close connection
+ Allows the woman to set the pace and take control
Not the most comfortable position especially over an extended period of time

Balancing power and intimacy, this position is based around a woman’s natural sexual instincts. Start with the man sitting up in bed, preferably with his back against the headboard for extra support. The woman climbs on top, facing him. She then leans forward, pressing against his chest to create a more intimate version of cowgirl. This leaves him in the perfect position to nuzzle her neck, suck on her breasts, or play with her butt during sex. While cowgirl is intended for more active riding or grinding, The Nurturer Sex Position is better suited for slow and sensual rocking to increase your intimacy even more.

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