Enjoy the luck of the Irish with this engaging sex position! With lots of skin contact for a more intimate feel, this relaxed position is perfect for marathon sex.

Clover Leaf

Get lucky like never before with the Four Leaf Clover Sex Position! While it might look complicated, this position is surprisingly easy to do, making it perfect for long & lazy sex!

Four Leaf Clover Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Beginner: a basic position that anyone can do

Pros & Cons
+ Great for tantric sex
Makes thrusting difficult

Start with the man laying in bed with his legs spread slightly apart. He should sit up slightly, with his elbows behind him for support. She should climb on top of him, similar to a 69 position. (In fact, 69 makes a great warm-up for this position!) She should then slide lower to his legs, allowing him to penetrate her from behind.

This position is designed for a slow & sensual rocking motion, with the woman on top setting the pace and taking control. This makes Four Leaf Clover ideal for tantric sex as well as increased intimacy. The unusual angle of entry makes for a nice change as well for both partners.

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