Everyone loves getting oral sex. But it’s usually a much different story when it comes to giving oral sex – especially when it involves going down on a woman. Learn how to eat her out the right way, and she’ll be more than eager to return the favor!

How to Go Down on Her

How to Go Down on Her

Performing oral sex on a woman can be intimidating and uncomfortable whether you’re a straight guy, a lesbian, or just experimenting. Ignoring all the bad jokes about tacos or fish, going down on a woman isn’t nearly as hard as many people make it sound. Here’s how to go down on her in just a few simple steps while making her think you’ve got a magic tongue!


1. Find Out What She Likes
She knows what drives her wild better than you ever will. So don’t waste time fumbling around when you can just ask her instead. Many women enjoy a little dirty talk beforehand – especially if you start off by telling her you want to go downtown!


2. Set The Mood
Turn the lights down low and put her favorite music on. Make sure she’s relaxed and comfortable. Start off with a back massage or heavy petting to help get her aroused. Eating her out is much easier she’s already in the mood.


3. Tease Her
When you’re ready to start eating her out, don’t dive in tongue first. It’s much more fun if you take it slow and tease her a little first. Start out by gently kissing and nibbling around her vagina, focusing on her sensitive inner thighs. And you don’t have to worry about leaving hickys behind either! Slowly work your way inward to her vagina but don’t start licking right away. Get as close as possible without actually touching her and breath heavily. If you’ve been doing a good job teasing her, she’ll probably grab you by the hair and order you to start licking or else.


4. Put Your Tongue to Work
Start licking her lips before moving up to her clit. When it comes to oral sex, there are dozens of different techniques. Beginners should try tracing out letters of the alphabet using there the tongue. This gives you something to concentrate on so you don’t get distracted by the smell or taste. It also makes sure that you lick as much of her lady bits as possible. Your tongue is not a penis so don’t try to use it like one.


5. Add Some Variety
If licking is all you do, your tongue is going to wear out pretty fast so it’s important to alternate your technique. Press your mouth around her clit and try sucking on it a little to see how she reacts. Try it while humming your favorite song. The vibrations in your mouth are sure to drive her wild.

Don’t forget your fingers either. Just because you’re going down on her doesn’t mean you can’t tease her nipples at the same time. You could give your tongue a break and finger her some as well. Most women love having someone suck on their clit while getting fingered at the same time.


6. Respond to Her Reactions
The difference between good oral sex and great oral sex is how you respond to her body. Pay close attention to any feedback you might get. It might be something obvious like talking dirty or something difficult to notice like her toes curling. Once she starts reacting to something you’re doing, it’s important that you focus on that thing whether you’re writing out the letter “K” with your tongue or sucking on her clit until she orgasms.

As long as you focus on doing what feels good to her, you’ll be able to go down on her anytime.