Planning ahead can make the difference between great anal play and something you'll never want to try again! Here's everything you need to know for enjoyable anal.

Make Anal Play Amazing in 5 Easy Steps

Don’t just wing it – go in with a plan and guarantee that your next anal adventure is a big hit!

1. Clean Up
Most people achieve excellent hiney hygiene with only a healthy diet. But if you’re particularly anxious for a squeaky-clean experience, try rinsing with a douche and room-temperature water. (Hint: Adam & Eve carries a few douches suitable for anal beginners and experts alike.) Make sure to lube the tip of your douche and yourself for comfortable insertion.

2. Warm Up
If you’re nervous, a relaxing massage or a quick orgasm is a good way to relieve tension. When you’re ready, a well-lubed fingertip is an ideal way to start. Put a condom or latex glove on over your finger first for easier cleanup.  Go slowly and make sure to take your time. Practice relaxing and gently stretching your muscles until it feels comfortable to go further.

Butt Plugs for Amazing Anal Play

3. Graduate to an Anal Plug
Start small and choose a buttplug that is slim and flexible with a tapered tip for easy entry. All anal toys should have a wider base to keep the toy from sliding all the way inside. Many anal players prefer the smooth glide of silicone models over rubber or jelly. But as long as you use plenty of lubricant, all three kinds are lots of fun.

4. Go Bigger
You may find yourself hanging out on steps two or three for many sessions before you finally make the leap to something larger. When that time comes, you want to step up the size only very slightly. You can also look for beaded or vibrating plugs for extra-exciting backdoor play. Be careful with anal toy width: the leap from comfortably handing a 1” wide toy to a 2” wide toy is large.

5. Test your Limits
How big can big get? Pretty big, actually. From full-sized dongs to great big thick plugs, the sky’s the limit on size – as long as your booty can handle it. Experienced players can use a suction cup dildo for a hands-free ride, or investigate thick plugs and vibes designed for extended wear. Remember: always use plenty of lube. And if play is uncomfortable, stop or back off until you’re ready for more.

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