If you're curious about anal stimulation and not ready to jump on in to anal sex, you can dip your toe in the water with a little bit of backdoor teasing. Some gentle fingering or toy play is a great way to see if anal is your thing or not. And if you decided to go all the way, anal teasing is an essential step on the road to anal sex. 

Anal Teasing with Fingers and Sex Toys

How to Tease Your Backdoor

Whether you’re male or a female, there are some specific things you need to do before you’re ready to have anal sex for the first time. So we’ve prepared a quick checklist of the pre-requisites for anal sex.


1. Get Some Anal Lube
Lube is an essential component when it comes to backdoor play as well as anal sex. While you can use any type of lube for your backdoor play, anal lube is generally thicker and longer lasting which makes it much better suited for anal stimulation.


2. The Finger Test
You want to start small, as in your pinky finger. “Practice exercises” with your fingers and anal toys later on stretch your anus and help prepare it for anal sex. They also help you adjust to the sensations. Start by lubing up your pinky and inserting the tip. Slowly rub it around your sphincter ring until it opens up. Gradually insert more of your pinky while continuing to rub away. As you build up experience, you switch to bigger fingers or start using several at the same time. The most important rule in anal play is to take it slow and easy. If it hurts or becomes uncomfortable, then simply stop.


3. Anal Toy Time
Once your fingers are no longer challenging, it’s time to move on to an anal toy. We specifically recommend that you look for an anal trainer kit or a butt plug with a graduated shaft. Trainer kits usually include three toys ranging in size from small to large. A toy with a graduated shaft starts out small at the tip and gradually grows bigger. Ultimately, you want a toy big enough to test your limits and something that can continue challenging you even as you gain more and more anal experience.


4. Moving On
What happens next is up to you. Many people are perfectly happy with just a little anal fingering and anal toy play. If you're really into anal teasing however, you can also take the next step forward and try anal sex. There's a big difference between anal play and anal sex so make sure your partner's fully comfortable with that decision. It's important not to rush or pressure them. After all, you'll need to practice with anal toys and fingers before you'll be ready for anal sex anyway.