Prostate milking can result in amazing orgasms for men. Learn how to find the prostate, stimulate yourself, or milk a man.

Milking the Prostate: A Step-by-Step Guide

Milking does a prostate good! Milking the prostate. You heard right. It’s a real thing, a good thing, an orgasmic thing. It’s something you really want to try, and we’re going to tell you how and why you should do it. But before we get into all that, let’s start with some basics.

What Is The Prostate & How To Find The Prostate?

how to find the prostate, an anatomical drawing

The prostate, or P-Spot is a walnut-sized gland and when it comes to pleasure, it is the equivalent of the G-Spot in women. It’s located just inside the front wall of the rectum and under the bladder. Lube up a finger, gently insert it into your anus, and feel along the front wall. That slight bulge? That’s the prostate.

What Does The Prostate Actually Do?

Since it’s part of the male reproductive system the main function of the prostate, besides providing you with one heck of a climax, is to secrete a milk-like fluid that protects sperm after ejaculation. In fact, this fluid makes up approximately 30 percent of semen.

Reasons Why You Should Do It

So just why on Earth do you want to milk it in the first place? First of all, you or your partner are going to be giving that P-Spot a massage. When you massage the prostate, it can lead to incredibly explosive orgasms. Not only that, it also may help alleviate symptoms of an enlarged prostate, help with urine flow, and help with painful ejaculation. Hence milking does a prostate good.

How To Milk The Prostate

It may seem like a complicated process, but with the following steps we’ll show you exactly how to milk a man.

  1. Whether you are going to be doing it by yourself or with a partner, you want to make sure things back there are clean. Start by taking a nice shower. Some folks even may use an anal douche but it’s not really necessary.

  2. You also want to try and pee before things go down. Since the prostate is near the bladder, it may cause the sensation of having to urinate when massaged.

  3. Get comfortable. Dim the lights, take a few deep breaths, and get into position. (Hint: If you’re playing with a partner a little kissing and stroking is a good way to set the mood. You may also choose to masturbate for added stimulation and pleasure.)

  4. Lube up a finger or toy, as well as your anus, with anal lube. Then have you or your partner slowly penetrate your backdoor. Remember, you are looking for that slight bulge/bump that is located on the front side of your rectum.

  5. If you or a partner are using a finger, curl it forward in a “come hither” motion, rub it in a circular motion, or tap on the prostate. Experiment with different pressures and rhythms.

  6. Add toys to your milking routine. There are a myriad of sex toys out there that are specifically made to find and target the prostate. They are a great way to give your P-Spot the attention it craves since you can experience a wide variety of sensations. Some even twirl and thrust, but unlike a finger they won’t get tired.

It really is a preference, and the great thing is you can explore numerous options to find what works best. No matter how you choose to do it, you will want to massage the prostate until that milk-like fluid comes out, but you may experience the full-blown orgasms we talked about earlier.

The main thing is to just relax, have fun and be patient. Since every body is different, experiment and always do what feels good for you.

4 Best Positions for Prostate Milking

The same positions you use during sex are ones that you can also use for prostate massage. Plus, they work whether you are flying solo or engaging in partner play.

Missionary: Lie on your back and either spread your legs or pull them up towards your chest. You can use one arm to hold them up, while the other is free to explore.

Doggy: Get on your hands and knees and then give yourself the old reach around.

Side Saddle: When you are on your side, bring your outer leg up towards your chest and then you can reach back toward the anus.

Downward Dog: Instead of getting on all fours just lie on your stomach while spreading your legs. Then, like in traditional doggy, your hands are free for exploration.

Is There Another Way To Milk A Man?

If you are just starting out with prostate play, it’s totally normal to feel nervous and that’s okay. Fortunately, it’s an amazing gland, and it’s possible to massage it without ever sticking anything up your butt.

An external prostate massage involves the perineum, commonly known as the taint. It’s the strip of skin that runs between the scrotum and the anus. The back half is not as thick as the area behind the scrotum, so this is where you want to start.

This will take some practice and some trial and error, but you want to start gently pressing that area. If you press and you suddenly have the urge to pee you have found the prostate. Then, like with an internal massage, tap, rub, or do whatever feels good for you.

Is There A Difference Between A Prostate Orgasm & A Regular Orgasm?

When a man climaxes through sex or penile play, the sensations are basically felt through the penile region with only a few pelvic contractions. At the point of orgasm, full ejaculation occurs.

When you milk the prostate into orgasm, it feels more like a total body sensation with more contractions. It can also be achieved without any penis stimulation at all. “Down time” is also quicker so your body can recover faster equaling more orgasms. Furthermore, only the milky prostatic fluid is released compared to full blown ejaculation.

Some men find it quicker to experience a penile orgasm, while a prostate orgasm takes some patience. That’s why when you milk yourself you may want to incorporate masturbation as well so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Are There Risks?

Milking the prostate is relatively safe. However, if you are too aggressive you could risk tearing the inner lining of the rectum or the rectum itself. Plus, it may be uncomfortable if you are doing it too hard, and you never want anything to be painful. Men with prostate cancer should never attempt to touch their own prostate, and if you have hemorrhoids, it may make them worse. You also want to make sure whatever you put up there is clean to limit the risk of infection.

If you’re using a finger: WASH YOUR HANDS
If you’re using a toy: WASH THE TOY
If your partner will be doing the milking: WASH THEIR HANDS

You can always use a glove or condom to make things extra sanitary and remember to use a good quality anal lube.