If you can put up a shelf, then you can install a sex swing. This how to guide describes which tools you’ll need and gives step-by-step instructions about hanging your swing so you don’t tear down the ceiling! 

How to Hang A Sex Swing

So, you’ve just bought a sex swing and can’t wait to try it out. Your excitement grows as you take it out of the packaging and think about all the fun, new sex positions you’ll soon be enjoying. And then it hits you, just how are you supposed to hang this thing?

Installing a sex swing may seem like a daunting task, but it’s really quite easy. In fact, we’ve put together a list of 7 ways to install a sex swing so you can find the one that works best for you.

Ceiling Hook Install

If you can hang a picture, you can hang a sex swing, and one of the most common ways to install a sex swing is with a ceiling hook. You just need to drill a hole in the ceiling instead of a wall.

  1. Before grabbing your tool belt, decide where to put the sex swing. Most couples pick their bedroom for the sake of privacy, but really anywhere will do. Just make sure you have a few feet of open space around the area for easy access. There’s a lot of bouncing and movement involved with a sex swing, so you don’t want to be crashing into anything in the heat of passion.
  2. Once you’ve picked a spot, it’s time to gather your tools. You’ll need the following items:
    • • Ladder
    • • Stud finder*
    • • Drill
    • • 1/8” drill bit
    • • A heavy-duty eye bolt**
    • • Pliers
  3. Set up your ladder underneath the spot and use your stud finder to locate the middle of a ceiling joist where you want to hang the swing.
  4. Drill a small starter hole about two inches deep in the middle of the joist.
  5. Screw the eye bolt into the joist as far as it will go. You’ll probably have to use pliers or a vice grip for this.
  6. Hang your swing from the eye bolt and give it a gentle test. Start by pressing down on it with your hand harder and harder to make sure everything’s secure. Then go ahead and climb in it and start swinging back and forth to test it out. Don’t be shy – it’s better to find any problems now then later. As long as everything works fine, your sex swing is ready for action!

Tip: If you don’t want visitors wondering what that eye hook is for, you can always gut a non-used smoke detector and use that around your eye hook to discreetly cover it when your swing isn’t being used.

*If you don’t have a stud finder, you can find a joist the old-fashioned way by banging your knuckles against the ceiling. Just keep knocking until you hit a spot that sounds solid. To make sure you found a joist, drive a small brad about an inch into the spot. If you can pull it out, then you’re in the wrong spot. If you can’t pull it out, then you’ve found a joist. Now you need to find the center of the joist. Drive two more brads into the ceiling about a half inch on either side of the first one and try to remove them. Keep experimenting as necessary until you’ve found the exact dimensions of the joist. Then mark the center of the joist, which is the strongest part of the structure.

**If your swing didn’t come with an eye bolt, then you can easily find what you need at your local home improvement store. Get a heavy-duty eyebolt that can support a few hundred pounds. Just tell the hardware store folks that you’re installing a porch swing and need something that will hold up multiple people. (Bouncing bodies generate more stress and tension than someone standing still or just sitting down.)

Sex Swing Stand

Another popular way to install a sex swing is by using a sex swing stand. Stands tend to be more costly and take up space, but for someone who is renting, has sloped ceilings, or wants to enjoy their swing on the go, stands make a lot of sense. Plus, they can be taken apart and stored out of sight when not in use.

  1. Most sex swing stands contain either 1, 2, or 4 mounting points, so always make sure that the swing you have is compatible with the stand.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of room. The average sex swing stand requires an area of around 6 to 7 square feet.
  3. Follow the instructions that are included with your stand to make putting it together quick and hassle-free.

Using a stand is also perfect for those who are into sex parties or bondage, as they often have extra attachment points for your kink gear.

Chin Up Bar Install

If you’re looking for a more discreet and non-permanent way to swing, then the chin-up bar makes a great option. It also goes for around $25 - $30 dollars so it’s not only functional, it’s affordable.

  1. You want to make sure the bar fits in your door frame, so have that tape measure handy to ensure a proper fit.
  2. You also need to make sure how much weight you are putting on the bar. Most chin up bars hold an average of 200 - 250 pounds.
  3. When assembling the chin up bar, use 2 threaded eye hooks in place of the bolts used for mounting. This gives you a place to attach your swing, as well as offers better adjustability which you may not get with a single screw swing. (You can use a chain and spring with your single screw swing to mount it to the bar, however it may not be as workable.)

Beam Mount Install

Is your home rustic? Industrial? Has exposed beams or another support structure? If you answered “yes’ to any of these then pay close attention. One of the easiest ways to mount and install a sex swing is with a beam mount (straps that can hang over exposed beams or ceiling joists.)

  1. Make sure your support beam can handle the weight, throw your strap over the ceiling joint or exposed beam, then attach your swing and you’re ready to go. It’s THAT simple.

Hint: If you like to show off or are a nature lover, find a sturdy tree branch for fun in the great outdoors.

Door To Door Install

Simple, no-fuss, discreet and non-permanent, door to door mounts are perfect if you have two doors facing each other (Typically in a hallway setting.)

  1. To install your sex swing using door mounts…buy door mounts. You’ll need two.
  2. Attach the door mounts to your sex swing.
  3. Take one side of the attached door mount and slide it behind one door and close it.
  4. Repeat the process with the other mount, making sure both doors are closed and your mounts are secure. That’s all there is to it.

This method is great for larger or plus-sized people, as it makes for a wider and more comfortable seat.

Wall To Wall Install

Similar to the Door To Door Install is the Wall To Wall. Ideally, you’re looking for 2 walls approximately 3 – 4 feet apart. Again, this can be a hallway or entranceway.

  1. Find the studs in your wall using the steps from the Ceiling Install section.
  2. Install a tie-down plate into each stud opposite of each other.
  3. Attach your dual hook sex swing to the tie-down plate.
  4. Get ready to rock.

Tip: When you’re done swinging, there’s no need to remove the plates. Just unhook your swing, and throw some artwork over the wall plate. No one but you will know it’s their until it’s time to play again.

Wall To Door Install

Don’t have 2 doors across from each other? No problem.

  1. Use one door mount and one wall mount.
  2. Attach the door mount to the swing, slide behind the door and close.
  3. Attach one tie down plate to the wall and hook the other side of your swing.
  4. TADA! And again, you can cover the wall plate with a picture for discretion.

Well there you have it. Installing a sex swing doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Just make sure everything is secure before the action starts, and you can look forward to many fun and exciting sex sessions as you swing away.

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