Vanilla people have a challenging enough time finding a partner. But it becomes exponentially harder when you’re looking for someone to share your particular fetish. Here are some tips to help you find the gimp of your dreams!

Dating in the Fetish World

The dating game is hard enough when you’re looking for an everyday partner, but it gets even more mind boggling when you add a fetish to your must-have list. For those out there that are seeking a partner with a desire for something different, there are a number of ways to go about finding a lover. While you may not be able to go to the bar to pick up the partner of your dreams, there are a few places out there where fetish dating thrives.


Internet Dating Sites
For every type of person out there, there’s an internet dating site to suit your needs. Just under a quick search, we were able to find BDSM dating sites, Furry dating sites, as well as a dating site for every age group, race, income level and gender identity out there. If you dig even deeper, you may even stumble upon micro-niche dating sites for your very specific desire. Looking for a latex-wearing transgendered older gentleman? Let the search engines be your guide! The downside to fetish dating sites is that you get a lot of “part timers” who only want a one-night stand. And it can be difficult meeting in person, especially if your friend lives in a different city.


Depending on how committed you are, you might take part in conventions and similar events. Conventions are a great place to not only meet like-minded people, but they usually have educational classes and specialty items for sale that can be hard – if not impossible – to find. Large conventions also draw a matching crowd from all over the country and even the world. If you’re tired of the local scene and want a new playmate, you should have an easy time finding one at a convention. But it’s more likely to be a brief fling then long-term.


Fetish Clubs & Bars
Looking to get into the fetish dating scene in your local area? Fetish clubs and bars are one way to get out there and meet new people. Found mostly in larger metropolitan areas, fetish clubs tend to be your standard club that has a ‘theme’ night every so often. For the big cities, you may be lucky enough to find a club dedicated to your fetish 24/7. (This tends to happen more often with BDSM clubs as there can be a great deal of large furniture involved!) The problem with finding a date at a fetish bar or club is that it tends to be the same ‘crowd’ coming to the establishment week after week. If you’ve already exhausted your options with the current nearby population, the chances of getting some ‘fresh meat’ into your life is pretty limited if you frequent the same bars and clubs.


Social Gatherings
The tried and trusted method of finding a date at a social gathering has been going on in the ‘vanilla’ world of dating since time began. Birthday parties, weddings and summer cookouts have been the matching ground for couples for years. You just have to throw a fetish-themed party and make sure to limit it to your friends with matching tastes.