Find out what to do and what not to do on your next date from a guy.

4 Dating Tips for Women (From a Man)

Ok, so the dating scene has up to now been a little unfruitful, and you’re starting to wonder if perhaps all the great guys are already taken. We all hit a dating dry patch from time to time, and it’s only natural to get a little exasperated; however, the important thing is not to give up. Get out there, explore new avenues, and perhaps take the time to do some self-evaluation. Here are some tips for women from the guys’ perspective that might help.

Typically nerves can manifest themselves in one of two ways, cold and distant or manic and a little cra-cra. Being nervous, especially if it is the first date is to be expected and trust me the guy is anxious too, but nothing will send him for the hills quicker than over compensating. Just chill and plan your first or even first few dates as casual encounters that don’t require a lot of talking such as a bike ride in the park or visit to an art gallery.

Don't Over-Research
Did someone say stalker? With so much social media it can be easy to amass an impressive dossier on your perspective target, I mean date. Just as women are leery of creepy guys, men are equally averse to entering into a relationship with an overly needy woman. It’s OK to check out his profile, but don’t dig too deep, nothing sends up red flags like showing up on a date, and she knows your entire history.

Don't Compare Us to Your Exes
Just as for men, women should avoid the whole ex’s topic. Just shake off the baggage and start fresh, we don’t want to hear what you loved or hated about the last guy and we definitely don’t want to know how we compare. Maybe avoid sentences that start with, “my last boyfriend…”

Say What You Mean
You know that read between the lines thing? We don’t do that. It’s not that guys are incapable of deductive reasoning; it’s just that in relationships, we tend to avoid it as experience has taught us that it leads to mixed messages and inevitably to disappointment. Be specific about what you’re thinking, and the guy sitting across from you might surprise you with being as open as you are.

Whatever you do, just be yourself because at the end of the day what we all want is something real, despite what some dating guides might say. So, throw assumptions about what you think guys are looking for out the window and be natural, it’s amazing what can happen when you let your guard down.