Hey guys, follow these tips from a woman to make your next date go smoothly!

5 Dating Tips for Men (From a Woman)

You’ll never know before a first date whether it will be a complete success. Let’s face it, we all have that nightmare first date story we can share (hopefully never with the person you are about to meet). However, with a few tips, you can ensure you will both enjoy the evening.

Make Plans
There are a time and place to wing it, and a first date isn’t one of those times. Make plans, pick a restaurant, make a reservation, and pick out an outfit – yes, men have to do that too. Most women appreciate the effort; it lets us know that you are excited about meeting us and starts the date off right.

Arrive Early
Don’t leave your date waiting for you. If something is keeping you and you can’t make it on time, let her know. She most likely wants the date to work out too, so she will understand and appreciate your taking the time to make the call.

Ok, so the date is off to a great start, you were early (but not too early), you have everything ready, restaurant, movie, and the introductions or greeting was a success. Now onto the conversation, what do you talk about with a complete stranger or someone you are trying to impress on a first date? One of the biggest tips is to listen. There is nothing worse than sharing something about yourself, and then 5 minutes you're asked the same question.

Avert Your Eyes
Of course, you’re going to think your date is beautiful (remember its ok to let her know) but there will be other women in the room, the waitress, people you will pass on the street. Whatever you do, do not do a double take or stare too long at another woman. You also want to avert your eyes from our ta-tas. It’s ok to look, in fact, we love it when you notice but when we're talking, try looking into our eyes. If at any point during the date your date says, hey, I’m up here, that’s not a good sign.

Follow Up
Follow up if you like her. This is a two-part tip. First, tell her you enjoyed her company and make plans before the date even ends. Then try a quick text after you drop her off to let her know you’re looking forward to seeing her again.

Whatever you decide to do, it comes down to one thing, well, ok, two things. Be yourself and make her feel like she is the only woman in the room and date number two is up to you.