Perfect for long-distance relationships, dominating subs and kinky thrills, sex toy apps are exploding in popularity. Find out everything you need to know about how they work and what they can do.

Your Guide to App-Controlled Sex Toys

Sex toys are a fantastic way to explore what makes you feel good and get in touch with your body. They’re also perfect to add to couple’s play allowing you to share in the intimacy and bring you closer together. But what if it’s the middle of the night (or day), you’re feeling horny, and your partner isn’t there or you’re in a long-distance relationship? Just what can you do to experience that shared sense of intimacy and sexual satisfaction? Enter technology to the rescue.

These days it’s all about high-tech, app-enabled sex toys. They’re the perfect way to connect and keep that romantic spark going, especially if you’re looking for a long-distance relationship toy. Forget the days of fumbling with buttons or trying to reinvent your favorite vibration patterns. Just sync the toy, or in some cases the remote, to your smart device or phone and take your pleasure to the next level. You can customize and create all new types of sensations, or easily access your favorites. Better yet, connect it to your partner’s phone and let them control the fun from across the room, across the country, or even across the world.

Our Hottest App-Enabled Toys

Whether you’re looking to spice up your solo sessions, make couple’s play more exciting, or find the perfect app-inspired long-distance relationship toy, we’ve got you covered. Here are just some of our favorite app-enabled sex toys:

1. OhMiBod Esca 2 Couples Vibrator

Ohmibod Esca 2 Couples Vibrator

Picture your lover controlling this vibrator from several time zones away as you lay there wondering what’s going to happen next.

Simply wear your Ohmibod Esca 2 Couples Vibrator and feel your G-Spot come alive. Bluetooth®-enabled for app-controlled play, you can engage with your lover from across the room or across the world. It also comes with a manual mode or a remote control that works up to 26 feet away.

“My boyfriend lives 5 hours away in another state and was able to control it from his phone through the app! So surprised that this works and really spices things up from afar.” –Kk13

2. Lovense Lush 3 Bluetooth Bullet Vibrator

Lovense Lush 3 Bluetooth Bullet Vibrator

Your ticket to rumbling G-Spot vibrations! The Lovense Lush Bluetooth Bullet Vibrator is all about that G! The tip is curved to make it easy to find and ergonomically shaped for maximum contact – which means more vibrations and more toe-curling pleasure. Its ultra-quiet motors are perfect for discreet play anywhere you go, whether you're eating at your favorite restaurant or dancing at the club. Play with 3 vibration speeds & 4 pulsating patterns to start with. Or use the Lovense Remote app to create a customized vibration mode or sound activation. Waterproof for fun in the shower or tub.

"Once we figured out how to get this to connect and work with the Bluetooth this has been able to add to my long distance relationship. ... Of course the product is best when used during sex but we enjoy the fact that we can use it while we're apart." -Long Distance Lovers

3. We-Vibe Date Night Special Edition Couples Set

We-Vibe Date Night Special Edition Couples Set

This couple’s set will have both of you moaning for more whether you are alone or together. Women are sure to love the flexible shaft and multi-gasmic design of the Nova 2 rabbit vibrator. Men will go crazy for the erection-boosting benefits of the Pivot penis ring. And you’ll both love teasing and pleasing each other with all those bed-shaking vibrations thanks to the We-Vibe Date Night Special Edition Couples Set.

“Both products are great! Powerful vibration and the phone connection is great. My partner and I both love the joint play functionality.” –Orion

4. We-Vibe Chorus Couples Massager

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Massager

Great for bed-shaking vibes during sex or solo play! The We-Vibe Chorus Couples Massager focuses directly on her most sensitive spots for insanely good thrills. The large outer arm presses against her clit, while the smaller inner arm focuses on her vagina & G-Spot. Each arm has its own motor for extra power & more intense pleasure. Pick from 10 programmed vibration modes or create your own using the We-Connect app. A special Touch-Sense feature modifies the vibrations as you squeeze for a more natural feeling that feels even hotter! Waterproof.

"Once we figured out how to get this to connect and work with the Bluetooth this has been able to add to my long distance relationship. ... Of course the product is best when used during sex but we enjoy the fact that we can use it while we're apart." -Long Distance Lovers

5. Satisfyer Little Secret Panty Vibrator

Satisfyer Little Secret Panty Vibrator

This discreet vibe slips inside her panties to leave her squirming wherever she goes! The Satisfyer Little Secret Panty Vibrator is extremely quiet yet super intense for toe-curling stimulation that's ideal for naughty fun in public. Pick from 11 vibration modes if you control it through the included remote &ndash and even more if you use the Satisfyer Connect App instead. A powerful magnet helps hold the vibrator in place, so you can use with all kinds of different panties. This rechargeable vibe is waterproof too.

"Had my wife squirming walking through Target. Cranking it up to max level almost put her on the floor." -Fun

6. Verge by We-Vibe Vibrating Ring

Verge by We-Vibe Vibrating Ring

Specially shaped to please your body – or your lover – during sex! Wear the Verge Vibrating Ring with the stimulator pointing down to thrill your balls during sex or solo play. Or flip it up to use it on your lover instead! The strong yet quiet motor delivers 10 powerful vibration modes. As a bonus, the snug-fitting ring boosts your erection – making it bigger & harder for longer! This rechargeable vibrating penis ring works with the We-Connect app for long-distance play.

"This product is great for the man as well as couples. Turned my partner into a vibrator and massaged my cl-t at the same time." -HappyLady89

What Do Sex Toy Apps Actually Do?

While sex toy apps don’t come with a magical orgasm button yet, they do control your vibrator or sex machine just like a regular remote. But they can do a lot more than just that!

Sex toy apps really stand out in two different ways. Remote controls can work from 20-30 feet away at most. But Internet-based apps can control your toy from almost anywhere – even the other side of the world. This makes them ideal for long-distance relationships. Even though you’re miles apart, you can still “virtually” touch your partner and leave them moaning and groaning!

This ability to control your vibrator makes sex toy apps perfect for kinky thrills. Just imagine how fun date night could be with your partner wearing an app-enabled vibrator while you control it from your smartphone… or vice versa! And if you’re into BDSM, it’s a great way for doms to control their subs.

Sex toy apps are much more versatile than a remote control. Some sex toy apps allow you to design & save your own vibration patterns for customized stimulation. You might even be able to create a vibration “playlist” featuring your favorite modes in a particular order. Other apps focus on connectivity, allowing you to video-chat with your partner while controlling and using their toys.

Sex toy apps are a great way for people to come together… in more ways than one!

How Do Sex Toy Apps Work?

Generally speaking, app-enabled sex toys connect to your smart device via Bluetooth or something similar. You can pair your toy and device for additional security. Then you can use your device to control your toy.

Are Sex Toy Apps Safe to Use?

Sex toy apps are no more risky or dangerous than any other app as long as you take proper precautions. Only use official apps from trusted sources along with a strong, unique password.

Where Can I Find App-Enabled Sex Toys?

You can see them all here. Most are made by either We-Vibe, Love Distance, or Ohmibod, manufacturers known for their cutting-edge technology. But several others have apps in the developmental stages, so keep checking. It’s only a matter of time before your favorite sex toy gets its own app!

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