From sex furniture to vibrators, these sex toys are all about that G! Check out the list for yourself and see what your G-Spot needs!

5 Sex Toys Made for G-Spot O's

Brace yourself for body-shaking G-Spot orgasms with these fantastic sex toys!

#5 Hot Rod Extreme Enhancer

#5 Hot Rod Extreme Enhancer
Turn his penis into a G-Spot toy! This special sleeve is lined with stimulating ribs that stroke your G-Spot with every thrust. And it stretches comfortably around his shaft for quick and easy fun.


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#4 Blue Swirl 4-Way Glass G

Blue Swirl 4-Way Glass G
With two curved tips made for G-Spot stimulation, this dual-ended glass dildo feels O-mazing! The smaller tip feels like a finger as it focuses directly on your spot, while the larger one spreads out the fun for better reach. And the textured shaft feels almost as good!


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#3 G-Gasm Delight Vibrator

G-Gasm Delight Vibrator
Find your G-Spot in a snap with this specialized vibrator! The G-Gasm Delight is curved at the perfect angle for G-Spot delights. And it focuses wave after wave of powerful vibrations directly on your spot for out-of-this-world thrills!


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#2 Liberator Jaz

Liberator Jaz
It’s hard to have a G-Spot orgasm, if your lover can’t reach it. This sex furniture aid provides the support you need to tackle even the most complicated sex positions. Just slip it underneath your butt or hips and let the G-Spot fun begin!


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#1 G-Gasm Rabbit

G-Gasm Rabbit
There’s only one thing better than a G-Spot orgasm, and that’s a blended O! While the curved, vibrating tip focuses on your G-Spot, the buzzing ears go to town on your clit. It’s the perfect recipe for a body-shaking O!


Pamper your G with your very own G-Gasm Rabbit.

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