If you’re thinking about trying anal toys and not exactly sure what you need, then you’re in the right place. This beginner-friendly guide explores the different types of anal sex toys like butt plugs and anal beads so you know what to look for. And then talks about how to use them so you can get ready for a backdoor adventure!

Anal Sex Toys for Beginners

Anal play has lost a lot of its formerly taboo status. But if you’ve never tried anal toys before, you might be a little confused about exactly what those funny-shaped things are and how to use them. Anal sex toys might take a little more effort and a sense of adventure, but the intense stimulation makes backdoor fun worth the trouble. And these helpful tips about beginner anal toys can make it much easier.

Graduated Anal Beads
These anal sex toys are the easiest and most comfortable option for beginners. Graduated anal beads start out small at the tip and gradually grow larger and larger the deeper you take them. This allows you to take only as many beads as your comfortable with – even if it’s just the very first one. As you become more used to anal play, you can gradually challenge yourself with bigger beads and deeper penetration. Graduated beads are often made from a soft and flexible material like silicone or rubber, so they bend easily for a more comfortable fit. Use anal beads by popping them into place before sex, and then slowly pulling them out as you finish to enhance your pleasure.

Beginner Butt Plugs
These anal toys are made to be worn. Beginner butt plugs are shaped like tapered cones with an extremely small tip and short, narrow shaft that gradually grows wider near the base. The tapered tip makes anal insertion easier, while the graduated shaft provides additional stimulation. Beginners should make sure to stick with small butt plugs until they become comfortable with anal play. Use anal plugs by gently inserting them before sex and then holding them in place with your muscles for constant stimulation.  

Basic Prostate Massagers
If you’re interested in anal play primarily for prostate stimulation, then prostate toys are definitely the way to go. The prostate is known as the male G-Spot for its ability to strengthen and enhance his pleasure. Prostate massagers feature a curved tip that makes it easier to find and stimulate the prostate. Anal beginners should look for prostate toys with slender shafts to make them easier to insert. When using a prostate massager, always insert the tip so that the curve points toward his penis and be prepared to do a little exploration before you strike gold.

General Guidelines about Using Anal Toys
Anal lube is an absolute must when using any type of anal sex toy. The “backdoor” has no natural lubricant and is very delicate, so you’ve got to supply your own. Anal lubes are thicker and longer-lasting than regular lubes. Apply the lube generously to your toy and backdoor before getting started. And be prepared to re-apply the lube in the middle of your backdoor games if needed.

Make sure your backdoor is completely relaxed before trying to insert anything. Start with a slow and gentle massage around the area before slowly inserting your little finger. Continue massaging until you or your partner is ready to try using an anal toy. Never try to insert anything if the backdoor’s “puckered” tight.

The biggest rule in anal play is to take it slow and easy: nothing in anal play should ever hurt or be uncomfortable. Communication with your partner is an important part of the experience: tell him or her what feels good and what doesn’t.

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