Women’s Sex Toys

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Nipple Clamps
What are Breast and Nipple Toys?

While most sex toys are all about the bits below the belt, there are plenty of other toys that focus on the breasts or nipples. These sex toys are a great tease during foreplay and sex. And the more sensitive your nipples are, the more fun these toys can be! Learn all about the different types of breast and nipple stimulators, including nipple clamps, breast vibrators and more. 

Ultimate Anal Toys Guide
Ultimate Anal Toys Guide

Have you ever met someone who acted like they had a stick up their butt? That’s what happens when you use the wrong kind of anal toy. Learn everything you need to know about anal toys, including how to find the best ones and tips about using them, so you can get the right kind of anal toy.

Ultimate Women
Ultimate Women's Sex Toys Guide

Don’t waste time visiting the spa when you can really pamper yourself with sex toys for women.  Learn everything you need to know about women’s sex toys, including how to find the best ones and tips about using them. Women’s sex toys are a lot more fun than getting a mud facial anyday!

Using Ben Wa Balls
How to Use Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls are one of the most unusual sex toys you can find. While it’s fairly obvious how a vibrator or dildo works, Ben Wa balls are a little more complicated. Learn how you can use Ben Wa balls effectively so you can get the most pleasure and benefits from this specialized sex toy. 

Double Dildos
What are Double Dildos?

While double dildos might not double your thrills, they are made to share with your partner among other things. Learn more about double dildos and how you can use them to improve your sex life.

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